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BBM not sending or receiving messages: How to fix

Data: 26-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Being one of the most trustworthy messengers worldwide, BBM values their customer’s privacy using the highest possible safety services. Thus, all your chats are securely protected by end-to-end encryption. No one, except you and your contact, is able to read your conversations. The application uses top-notch security measures, including:

  • PGP-like method. Both the sender and recipient are provided with unique encryption and signing keys.
  • All the secret keys are not simple combinations, they are generated with the help of FIPS 140–2 certified cryptographic library.
  • Each key is created randomly.
  • A Triple DES 168-bit scrambling key encrypts messages on the sender’s device and is used to decrypt texts on the recipient’s smartphone.
  • TLS encryption between your device and BlackBerry Messenger servers helps protect all the chats from any manipulation.

Although the messaging system works perfectly on BlackBerry Messenger, some users might suddenly face certain problems, such as BBM not receiving messages. The troubleshooting guide below will help you to cope with these difficulties and continue to enjoy your communication with no efforts.

How to fix your BBM if it fails to send or receive messages?

The most obvious solution to start with is checking your Internet connection. Open your favorite app or website to make sure your connection is stable. In case it is too slow, try to use an alternative connection (connect to other Wi-Fi network or use cellular data).

Problem 1. After sending your message, you see a red cross, but not D or R icons.

In most cases, this is not an app bug. The red cross icon usually appears when your contact is no longer using BBM. Invite the person to join the messenger again to continue chatting.

Problem 2. Unable to open your messages.

If you’ve recently installed or updated the program, make sure it is able to access your smartphone’s services. Go to Settings – BBM and allow your messenger to have an access to your contacts, photos, microphone and camera. Notifications and location features are optional.

Problem 3. Fail to receive invitations.

Make sure you’ve provided correct personal PIN for getting invitations. If everything is okay there, ask your friends to update their BBM before sending invitations.

Problem 4. Messages are not sending on BBM.

Check whether your contact is still using the messenger. Note: if you see the D icon under your message, this means your text was successfully delivered. When R icon appears on your screen, your contact has read your text.

If you face certain errors while using the program, refer to BBM is not working or BBM is not setting up.