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How to use BBM on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Data: 27-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

BBM, also known as BlackBerry Messenger, is a popular utility with a full range of services for communication. The app has all features of the classical messenger, including voice and video calls, chats, stickers and file transferring. The app perfectly suits most kinds of operating systems, and iOS is not an exception to this rule. In this article, we’ve collected lots of tips on how to use BlackBerry Messenger on iPhone and iPad. Follow an easy step-by-step guide to install and use your app in minutes.

How to install and set up BBM on your iPhone?

Most users prefer to learn more about the app they are going to install. That’s easy! You can get detailed information about BBM for iOS to make sure it is the right tool that will fit all your needs.

If you are ready to set up the program on your smartphone, download BlackBerry Messenger and start creating your account.

When you first open your BBM, it will ask your permission to have access to your contacts. It is important to allow it to start communicating with your friends with no additional operations.

Then you will also need to give your permission for the app to send you notifications. Otherwise, you might be easily missing calls and important messages.

After that, you will be also asked to allow access to your location.

Press the Start button to start setting up your personal account.

Choose your country and enter your phone number in the required fields.

After that, you will get a special authorization code via SMS. Type the code.

Enter your name or nickname.

Now, each time you open your app, you will be automatically signed up using your account data.

How to start using BBM on your iPhone?

To start communicating with your friends, family and colleagues, go to Contacts. In this menu, you will find those contacts from your phone book who are BBM users. In case there is none, no worries! Invite your friends to start using the program in a few clicks.

Tap Invite Friends button.

Choose the needed users by pressing + icon.

You will be forwarded to your messages with an automatically created invitation. Tap the green icon to send your text to the required contact.

After your friends have successfully joined BlackBerry Messenger, you can start your communication.

How to call and chat using BBM?

To make a call, tap the name of the needed person in your Contacts. The dialogue menu will appear on your screen. To make a voice call, choose a headphone icon. If you want to initiate a video call, choose the video camera button located at the upper-right corner.

When you start calling, your contact will receive a special notification. You will not be required to make any payments for communicating with other BBM users — this service is completely free!

Note: You will need to allow the program to have access to your microphone. This option should be switched on only for the first time you are using the app.

If you would like to start sending messages via BlackBerry Messenger, click on the chatting panel at the bottom of your screen. Type your message and tap the blue button to send it (the button will appear only after you start typing your text).

This menu also allows sending different categories of files to your contacts. For these purposes, tap + icon on the chatting panel.

You can easily send photos, pictures, documents, contacts, locations and appointments using this menu.

Note: allow your app access to your gallery to share your pictures by pressing OK button.

Feel free to use colorful GIFs and stickers to diverse your chats. Press a smiley icon to choose your favorite emoticon.

In case you would like to start chatting with a group of people, tap the three-dots icon at the upper-right corner of your current chat and choose Invite More.

Choose additional participants and press Next. You can add up to 500 members to a single chat. The total number of group chats is not limited.

Give your group a new name and download a group image (optional) and press Create.

You can add or delete your group members, manage notifications and other important parameters by tapping your group name at the top of your screen.

All the additional options are available in the group’s info menu.

You can send files, share documents and send an unlimited number of messages in your group.

BBM additional features

One of the most popular messenger functions is called Channels. Channels provide you with tons of useful information according to your personal interests.

To add channels to your account, tap More – Channels.

Choose a channel according to your preferences.

Press Join button to subscribe.

Add the channel to your feeds.

Now you will stay in touch with the chosen channel and get its freshest information right in your feeds.

Another important BBM feature is designed for those who value their privacy the most. You can switch off your account to the public so that none of your contacts will be able to call or chat with you. To set up the function, go to More – Privacy.

Turn off both toggles.

Now you definitely know how to set up BBM on iPhone. In case you would like to install and start using the app on the other devices, you can find more information at How to use BBM on Android and How to use BBM on desktop.