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BBM contacts: How to find and add people

Data: 17-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

BlackBerry messenger remains to hit the top 10 most popular messaging applications in numerous countries globally. The tool has a completely understandable interface with lots of additional features available for beginner and experienced users. Still wondering how to find someone on BBM? That is incredibly easy! In this article, you will find detailed and handy instructions with screenshots on how to search people in the app and add them to your contact list.

BBM: looking for the new contacts

The most important thing you should know before starting to look for the users in your BlackBerry Messenger is that it automatically integrates with your contact list. Therefore, all the numbers of your friends, family and colleagues that were previously saved in your smartphone’s contact list will be available at BBM.

However, you can communicate for free with only those contacts who also use BlackBerry Messenger. In case someone you would like to chat with is not among the current app’s users, you can easily invite him or her to begin using the service. Furthermore, the app has a convenient system of searching for the needed people with a specially developed PIN service. To be short, PIN is a special ID each BBM user is given when creating a profile. Therefore, BBM user search is always quick and simple — the only thing you will need to find people is their unique PIN.

How to add contacts to your BlackBerry Messenger?

Adding new friends to your contact list can be easily performed by sending them invitations to join BlackBerry Messenger. In this case, you don’t need to know your friend’s contact number: feel free to ask them to start using BBM by the email.

However, the most common way to invite someone to join the application is to send a message with a special URL to download and install the app (the URL will be generated automatically) This way, your friends will be able to get the tool on a matter of seconds. How to add people on BBM? Just follow the simple guide below!

  1. Open the messenger and go to Contacts. Then tap Invite Friends.

  2. After that, you will need to select an invitation mode. Feel free to choose any of the options available in the list. In this case, we are going to send an invitation via text message.

  3. After you've chosen the needed option, the program will automatically create an invitation message. Choose the recipient and tap Send.

As a conclusion, looking and adding new contacts by the means of BlackBerry Messenger is incredibly simple. Even in case you’ve never used messengers before, you will definitely cope with the app’s user-friendly features.