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BBM is not working: How to fix

Data: 26-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk
BlackBerry Messenger, that has recently changed its name to BBM, is a well-known messenger with a wide range of features and options for those who prefer quality online communication. The program can boast of having an outstanding performance with the highest possible level of security and top-notch interface. All these features attract thousands of new users that are now changing similar messengers to BBM. However, some people might still face certain problems regarding using the tool on their devices. What should you do in case your favorite messenger is not responding or fails to launch after the recent update? How can you find out whether the app servers are down? In other words, why is BBM not working? Below you will find a detailed troubleshooting guide that is likely to help you to cope with the majority of issues in a matter of minutes.

BBM not working: first steps to solve the problem

In case your BlackBerry Messenger is not working properly, the first thing you will need to start with is checking its outage reports. The most popular services that will give you the most precise data regarding the program’s status are and In case everything seems all right here, it’s time to look for certain problems on your side. There is no difference, what kind of operating system you are currently using, the tips on fixing your app below are universal. Therefore, feel free to check them both on your iOS and Android device.
  1. Check your Internet connection. In case your app is loading or working too slowly, the reason in most cases is the unstable Internet. Try to change the network you are using, come closer to Wi-Fi spot or contact your provider to solve connection issues.
  2. Make sure you are using the most recent version of your messenger. Otherwise, your fresh operating system and BBM might suddenly appear incompatible. Always use the latest app version for a better experience of using the tool.
  3. Check your operating system for updates. Using the freshest OS is also important for using all the utilities on your device.
  4. Reload your smartphone. Switch off your device and wait for a couple of minutes. Turn it on again and check whether your BBM is fixed.
  5. Reinstall your BlackBerry Messenger. Delete the program from your device (no worries, you can backup your data not to miss anything important) and then install the tool on your device from scratch.
Your BlackBerry Messenger is still not responding? Let’s move to more advanced fixes.

How to fix your BBM?

  1. Check your smartphone’s date and time settings. In case you have incorrectly set up the date, you might face authentication problems.
  2. Make sure your background data is not restricted (for Android devices). Go to Settings – Data Usage – Menu and switch on your Background data.
  3. In case you’ve sent an invitation to join BBM to your friends, but they still don’t appear in your contact list, this is probably because the app’s servers haven’t proceeded the new data. Wait for a few hours and update your contact list. Make sure your friends successfully joined the messenger.
Note: you can also use in-person barcode scan to start your communication immediately.
  1. If you fail to receive BBM notifications, make sure this feature is working on your device. For these purposes, open your app, go to More – Notifications (for iPhones) or Settings – Notifications (for Android smartphones) and make sure the toggle is turned on.
  1. To solve login issues, double-check you’ve entered correct credentials. You can also reset your password in case you forgot your current one.
In case you still can’t cope with certain problems regarding using the tool, feel free to find the answers on BBM not setting up or BBM fails to send or receive messages.