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How to uninstall the BlackBerry Messenger

Data: 15-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

BBM is an instant messaging application with raising popularity, which is currently offering a worthy alternative to more mainstream Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram messengers. While the first version of BBM has seen the world in 2005, since those times the project has been confidently holding its minor, but respectful position on the market, implementing new features, enhancing and refining the existing ones. But what if you’ve tried BBM and decided to uninstall the tool from your iOS-device or Android phone? What should you do? In this article, we will provide a detailed instruction about how to uninstall BlackBerry Messenger from your mobile gadget, regardless of the operating system it is related to.

Removing the BBM from Android/iOS phone or tablet: preconditions

Before we start with the main phase, you should be aware that prior to removing BBM from mobile device, you need to delete your BBM account, which stores private data regarding your identity, password, messaging contacts, email accounts associated with the app, and conversation history. This data is provided by the user specifically when you install and run BBM for the first time on your new device. The data is stored on the corporate server, so if you decide to simply remove BlackBerry Messenger mobile app from Android phone or iPhone, your account will still be active, and your personal data will be reused when you reinstall the app for the next time.

The step-by-step manual on how to delete BBM account is precisely described in the following instruction.

How to uninstall the BlackBerry Messenger on Android?

Now, after BBM account is dropped, let’s initiate the main procedure on Android phone:

  • find the Settings within your UI and go to this menu item

  • in the Settings menu click on “Apps & notifications” item to get access to the list of apps currently installed on your mobile device

  • now choose “App info” item to reveal the applications list

  • find the messenger from the list and make a single finger tap on it

  • when the options for the tool are displayed, click on the “Uninstall” button to initiate the removal process

  • finally, the confirmation dialog appears on the screen, where you need to approve your decision by clicking the “OK” option.

When this step is done, the app is totally uninstalled from your mobile device.

How to uninstall the BlackBerry Messenger on iOS?

Method 1:

Here’s the most frequent way of uninstalling the program on iOS environment. You can apply it to any software application, but we will elaborate on the BlackBerry Messenger:

  • On the home screen, tap the messenger icon and keep your finger pressed until the icons start to tremble. When the X cross appears on the upper-left corner of the corresponding icon, tap it, and the request form will appear with a suggestion to remove the application from iPhone/iPad.

  • Accept the option to delete the app by tapping “Delete”.

Now, your gadget is clear from the messaging utility.

Method 2:

The alternate solution refers to some menus:

  • run the Settings app by making a single tap

  • navigate to General section within the settings

  • when you entered General submenu, open the iPhone/iPad Storage

  • now find BBM messenger in the apps list and tap the icon

  • now everything that’s left is to uninstall the service from the phone memory by tapping the “Delete App” button

  • confirm your decision in the confirmation dialogue, and everything’s ready — now you got rid of the app.

BBM is a good service that fits most mobile environments. Maybe after you delete it, you will want to switch back to it once again someday and enjoy its vivid gamma of features and options. Whatever the choice, it’s up to you.