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How to backup and restore the BBM data

Data: 16-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Backing up and restoring BBM

BlackBerry Messenger is a handy tool for much of the cases and occasions. Since the first release, the project has been considerably enhanced and refined, new features have been implemented and already existing ones have been properly redesigned and thoroughly checked out. After you initiate a new registration or installation of the product, the unique PIN or identification number is assigned to your telephone number. PIN is attached to your phone number, so after you take out a SIM-card and put in into another mobile phone, most of your settings are successfully transferred to the new application instance. In this article we will describe how to back up and restore your personal data within BBM messenger on Android and iOS device. The procedure may differ a bit, depending on the BBM build currently installed on your gadget, but the principle is quite common and usual for all mobile users, so there shouldn’t be any problem with that.

How to retrieve BBM chat history?

All the conversations which you handle within BlackBerry Messenger can be automatically saved and retrieved from the backup copy stored on the cloud and checked, taking into account you are not installing a new instance of the BBM from the start. The option to recover chats is available on both Android and iOS devices from the app interface. Let’s figure out how to turn on this tweak on different mobile platforms.

How to save BBM chat history on Android phone or tablet?

By default, all of your messages are stored only on your local device, and after they get old, all of your conversations history will be lost. Let’s make it different and save it on the cloud instead:

  • Open the BBM utility, click on the colored circle with the starting letter of the user name located on the upper-left corner of the screen, and go to Chats section within the Settings in the main menu of BlackBerry Messenger.

  • In the “Chats”, look for “Automatically save your chat history” checkbox and set it on.

  • Now the confirmation box appears, which reveals some details about this particular option. Confirm your target by a tap on the “Continue” textbox. When the textbox is tapped, all of your conversations will be automatically saved once every 24 hours.

  • If you want to save the chat immediately, click on the “Save chat history now” menu item to start the saving routine right away.

Note: you can also remove all of your chats and call history within BBM application. In order to do that:

  • click on “Delete chat & call history” item from the “Chats” section of the main menu

  • confirm your action by a tap on the “Delete” control in confirmation box.

Now all your active chats and calls history are deleted.

Saving conversations history on iOS device

Now let’s complete the same procedure on iPhone or iPad:

  • Click on the circle with starting letter of your username to access the main BlackBerry Messenger menu.

  • Go to the General section within the Settings of the main menu.

  • Turn on the “Automatically save your chat history” option in order to save your conversations to iCloud server. In other case, your chats will be stored on your local device. The updated copy will be saved on the daily basis.

  • On the confirmation box, tap “Continue”.

Note: take into consideration that after you migrate to another device or reinstall BBM, all of active chats will be lost, regardless of the settings you made. You can restore chats after reinstallation of the package or using new mobile gadget only on Blackberry devices. In this case, BlackBerry Desktop Software will be helpful.

How to back up and restore the list of BBM contacts?

As we noted before, all the custom user data in BlackBerry Messenger (username, contact list) is attached to BBM account or mobile phone number. Formerly the system of designated numbers was working only on BlackBerry gadgets, but afterwards the same principle has been successfully transferred to BBM for Android and iOS as well. As a thorough discovery reveals, you don’t need to specifically back up and restore (export and import) the contact list to new BBM app instance or new phone. During the installation of the software product, the setup routine checks for availability of BBM account attached to your current mobile number. If the existing user account is found, you are suggested to use that account data for the current BBM installation and settings.

Thus, the contact list saved on the cloud server will be ported to your current BBM instance automatically right after the approval of using the account data found.

One more option available is to transfer the contact list from BlackBerry mobile device to Android or iOS. In this case, you would require to get and install BlackBerry Desktop Manager suite, either for Windows PC or Mac. The initial step is to export the contact list from mobile BlackBerry gadget into the distinct text file. After you get the resulted file:

  • go to the Contacts section within the main menu of the messenger (in the Settings)

  • tap “Import BB10 Contacts” menu item to recover the contact list

  • paste the contents of your resulted text file into the form and tap the “Import” button to initiate the transferring process.

Above we described all the ways to back up and restore the user data within Blackberry Messenger on Android or iOS platform. These guides are thoroughly checked, so you can choose and follow the most suitable one.