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How to turn off BBM

Data: 25-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

BlackBerry Messenger, also known as BBM, is a popular utility, used by millions of users for making calls, chatting and sending files. The program is gaining popularity due to its perfect design and convenient menus, where all the important features are available at hand. If you are keen on communication online, BBM is a must-have messenger on your device. The app offers countless possibilities for communication and entertainment using different groups and channels. However, in some cases, you might need to switch off your favorite tool for a certain time. Disabling BlackBerry Messenger is surely available for both iOS and Android devices, while the overall process will require no longer than just a few seconds.

How to switch off BBM on your iPhone?

If you would like to stop receiving any BlackBerry Messenger notifications, open your smartphone's settings and choose Notifications – BBM.

Switch off the Allow Notifications toggle. You can also manage the alert style of your app in the following menu.

To switch off alerts from a certain contact, choose its name at BlackBerry Messenger contacts. Press the username at the top of the screen at your chatting panel and tap Mute.

For groups, tap the name of the needed group and choose Mute.

This way, you will not get any sound notifications for incoming calls, receiving new messages and updating channels.

How to switch off BlackBerry Messenger on your Android?

Below you will find a handy user guide on how to turn off BBM on your Android-powered smartphones.

Open your messenger and go to Settings – Notifications – BBM to switch off any alerts provided by your messenger.

If you would like to turn off alerts for a certain BlackBerry Messenger contact, choose the needed person from your contact list.

Long-tap the name of the user and choose Edit. In the opened menu, tap Mute.

The same method can be applied for group chats. Choose the name of your group chat, tap Edit, then Mute.

You can also turn on the mute mode at your smartphone's settings. This way, you will not receive sound alerts regarding all your apps as well as calls and SMS.