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What's BBM PIN and how to use it

Data: 16-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

What's BBM PIN and how to create it?

A PIN is a uniquely generated sequence of letters and numbers used for identification of each particular person in BlackBerry Messenger. If you don’t want to share any personal data, like your email address or phone number, you can share your PIN. People will be able to add you as a BBM contact if they know your PIN-number.

In case you switch devices, your PIN may change. Nevertheless, the BBM app takes the PIN number adjustment into consideration, and your contact details are updated automatically. In this case, your contacts don’t need to add you again to the contact list.

By default, PIN is assigned automatically to all BBM users after registering new user account on their Android phone/tablet or iPad/iPhone. You can also create or get a new free custom PIN by typing it manually in the corresponding text field. Pay attention that after you generate a new ID-number manually within the app, your previous number is automatically marked as available, and other people can take it for their service.

In order to view your current PIN-number:

  • tap the round colored button in the upper-left corner of the primary BBM form which has the first letters of your initials
  • In the second field above, under the user name, your current PIN-number is displayed. If you want to generate a new custom ID, tap this field and type in the new PIN-number instead of the previous one.

Note: PIN should consist of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, dashes and underscores with a length from 6 up to 32 characters in total.

How to add a new contact by PIN?

There are several ways of adding new contacts within BBM messenger:

  • by QR code scan
  • by email address
  • by PIN number
  • by text message
  • by WhatsApp

If you want to add a new person by QR-code scan, this method works if that person is located near you physically, so that you can exchange QR codes via your mobile devices.

The email address exchange is also quite smooth, you are afforded a way to send an email to your friend, and after he accepts the invite, he instantly adds you to his contact list.

The similar text message sharing via SMS or WhatsApp operates as easy as it goes, so we’ll not elaborate on any of these simple principles.

If you want to add a new contact to your contact list by the PIN identifier, you need to know the exact PIN-number of your collocutor beforehand. After you get the ID-number of your friend, complete the following procedure to add a new person:

  • Go to the primary form of BBM software package and go to the “Contacts” tab.
  • Tap “+” button in order to initiate the addition routine and select the “Add by Pin” option.
  • Now, in the Invite form, type in the ID of the person you would like to communicate with. In the “Invite Message” field, you can edit the content of the invite (this step is optional).
  • When all the preparations are made, tap “Send”, and the person will receive your invitation to join your personal community for sharing ideas and mutual collaboration.

How to find someone’s BBM PIN?

BlackBerry Ltd. company take care of its clients safety and protection online. However, there are some ways to search and get your PIN identifier within the BlackBerry Messenger. You need to understand that sharing your personal PIN data to third parties can be dangerous, as they can track your activity online and obtain your personal data, such as real name or phone number. Thus, if you want to enrich your communication experience, you can find new friends in real life, and only after you get to know someone better, you can share you PIN-identifier via BBM to them. However, there are some tools which can let third parties use your PIN-number. Their application is a bit restricted, but with each new update new opportunities appear, which widen the area of tool application and usage.

One of such suites is FlexiSPY, which supports any of up-to-date mobile phones and gadgets, regardless whether it is based on Android or iOS system, and desktop computers (PCs and Macs). The package sustains operations with any of the mobile messengers, including Hangouts, Line, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, Telegram, WeChat and, of course, BBM. The support of more services are still expected to be added with forthcoming updates.

Protection and security are very important aspects in online browsing area. Don’t forget that, while you are surfing the sites for finding new acquaintances or sharing some data in social networks. BBM PIN-system is safe enough to guarantee its clients the protection from cyber-intrusions and hijacking of the personal info.