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How to use BBM on desktop (Windows, MacOS)

Data: 27-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

BlackBerry Messenger is an Internet-based messaging application, available for devices with different operating systems. The tool offers all the features for free communication using Wi-Fi or cellular data on your smartphone. The program also offers a handy desktop version that can be easily used on any type of laptop or PC. There is no need to install BBM desktop on your computer — the messenger can be opened on any browser. That is why feel free to enjoy your communication with BBM on your Mac, Linux or Windows-operated systems.

The only thing you will need to start using the program’s web version is BBM previously installed on your smartphone. The app is completely free to use on any of your devices and has a similar interface in all its versions. That is why, if you already learned how to use BlackBerry Messenger on your iPhone or Android, you are not likely to face any difficulties with its online version.

Note: although your desktop version looks similar to your mobile app, it has less feature-rich functionality. Thus, you will not be able to make calls, send files or use stickers on BBM web. However, the one-to-one chatting, group messaging and searching for new contacts are all available.

How to use desktop BlackBerry Messenger?

To start your communication, go to the official BBM web client. You will see a unique QR-code that should be scanned using your smartphone.

Open the app on your mobile and tap More – BBM Desktop.

The program will automatically turn on the QR scanner on your mobile. Move your device to the code on the screen of your computer to scan it.

After you’ve successfully scanned your code, you will see a notification on your smartphone. Tap OK and put your mobile device aside — now you’ve logged in your account and can start using BBM on the web.

To start chatting, click on the needed contact. The messaging panel with a chosen person will be automatically opened to the right of your screen.

Write your message in the chatting panel at the bottom of your screen and press the blue button to send it.

The app also offers an option to ping your contact to grab his or her attention. Click on the smartphone icon to ping.

Your ping will appear in your messaging panel.

If you sent your text by mistake, you can also delete it from your chat (it will be also deleted from your contact’s chat). Right-click on the it and choose Delete Message.

Confirm you want to remove your text by pressing Yes, Delete Message button.

You can also clear all your chatting history with a chosen contact. For these purposes, click on the contact’s name at the top of the chatting panel and click Clear Chat.

To finish your BBM session, click on the three-dots icon at the top of the screen and press Logout.

Although BBM desktop has a limited number of features, its developers are working hard to provide the maximum features available on the web. That is why the app’s fans are likely to get a full version of their favorite messenger online soon.