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Skype Portable
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Skype Portable is a specially designed version of the well-known messenger. The app is developed for using in public computers, where the installation of any programs requires obtaining the additional rights of administrator. Furthermore, you can start using this program on your PC or laptop in case you don’t want to install it or use DLL files. You can easily download Skype portable full version in just a couple of clicks. Not to mention, the app is completely free!

The program’s installation process is quick and simple. You don’t need to have any specific programming knowledge since the offline installer will do the entire job for you. People with little to no experience in installing apps and using different software can also benefit from downloading the program. The program’s interface is completely understandable and easy-to-use. The reason is that the app has a top-notch functionality with everything needed for communication right at your fingertips.

The only thing you will need to start using the program is a PC or laptop operated by Windows OS. No additional apps, services or tools needed! No worries, if you have lack of time, your software will launch in a couple of seconds.

Skype Portable has a classic design, similar to other desktop programs. The latest app versions also have much in common with the earlier ones. So, if you have already used the program, you will surely have no issues with its portable version.

How to start using Skype Portable?

  1. Download Skype portable for Windows to your device. The downloading process will not take you more than a couple of seconds. As a rule, the needed software will be placed in a classical ZIP file. Move this file to your storage device.
  2. Copy ZIP file to the needed PC or laptop. Since the program runs without installation, it will take just a few moments before you start making use of the software. Extract files to any folder on your machine. Then look for a folder named App.
  3. Find a special Skype icon. Just double-click it to launch it. Feel free to use the program for your personal needs.

Portable Skype offers a full range of services, including audio and video calls, messaging, sending and receiving different files, as well as using smiles and emoticons. Therefore, there is almost no difference which app version you are going to use — the program’s main features and options are always available for your convenience.

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