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Skype for Android is a mobile version of the popular messenger which combines chatting and video calls with embedded integration of GIPHY and Bing search engines, Microsoft To-Do scheduler, various cloud services, video-streaming, music sharing and other popular trends in the IT-industry. Due to low system requirements of Android-based app and compliance with older versions of the operating system, the tool has gained a high popularity among its old fans who are already familiar with the Windows version and do not want to change their favourite program for chatting and calls to more fashionable WhatsApp or Viber. Nevertheless, Android branch of the messenger cannot be called old-fashioned or outdated, definitely.

If you give preference to this page to download and install Skype for Android for free, you will get a fully functional mobile client without any restrictions or limitations.

Primary opportunities and possibilities of Skype for Android

Android version of Skype offers a solid range of abilities:

  • video calls to any contacts which have Skype installed on their smartphone, tablet or other compatible mobile device, either based on Android, iOS or Windows Mobile platforms.
  • individual or group chatting with emojis, voice messages and camera shots exchange included.
  • sharing of videos, photos, GPS-locations, contacts and screen snapshots to show to your team or make travel plans with friends right from your cell phone.
  • voice calls directly from the mobile or web-service. The app also provides a chance to call landlines and mobile phones for low rates.
  • a chance to express yourself via emoticons, images or GIFs from the web, to annotate images and much more.
  • embedded Bing search of the phrases, statements and whole sentences.
  • full-scope integration with new Microsoft To-Do, OneDrive and MSN Weather services. Also utility contains built-in support of YouTube, Tenor, MojiLaLa, TripAdvisor, TuneMoji and Vlipsy web-platforms.
  • an ability to make a group poll right from the messaging window.
  • switching between light and dark customized themes.
  • integration with Cortana voice assistant for all major branches of the software project, including Windows, iOS and Android. This particular module suggests a range of AI-extended peculiar features.

Microsoft company constantly improves their product, so you can always find latest updates of mobile Skype installed either automatically or by request.

System requirements of Skype for Android

Mobile build of Skype is not too demanding. As long as the mobile branch of the tool is supported by the developer, the utility is perfectly compatible with all system builds starting from 2.3 and later. There are no special requirements to the hardware of your mobile device. If your smartphone is 5 or 8 years old, Skype will still fit it (although some updates cannot be installed on it, and you will get a bit old-fashioned interface).

If you want to test the app, download Skype for Android, install it on your gadget, set up and check out what it can do, and what still can be requested to be improved. Anyway, the product is very stable and greatly operates even on outdated smartphones of former generations.

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