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Telegram Portable
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Telegram Portable is a desktop version of Telegram messenger, which doesn’t need to be installed on your PC. Instead, can run Telegram Portable from a local folder, external drive or a cloud folder without former installing into Windows. In order to make it work, just unzip the archive downloaded from the web and run the EXE-file of the program from the resulted folder. In addition, portable version of the program provides a gateway to use several messenger accounts simultaneously simply by unzipping each distinct package into individual folder and logging in to particular accounts in the usual way.

Telegram is a new messaging project from the creators of VK social network. It’s fast, easy-to-use and tremendously effective. With Telegram, you can sync all your devices in a blink of an eye without a need to make proper setting up or configuration: all your settings are seamlessly transferred to all your computers, laptops, phones and tablets.

Basic review of vital Telegram Portable features and options

Here is a short glance on the most interesting highlights of the portable version of the app:

  • Free audio and video calls, which has become an essential feature in all contemporary messaging softwares. Sharing any type of content, media, documents and any other files types (MSI, EXE, APK), voice notes. The service is unrestricted to the size of media and attachments you include into your posts. Full privacy of your web-conversations due to heavy encryption and an ability to self-destruct all the content you deliver and receive. Cloud-based operability of the Telegram tool, according to which you can access your messages from multiple devices simultaneously. Incredibly fast speed of the content processing and all essential operations. Any of the tool software clients (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone) operates tremendously fast even on low-class and budget devices and gadgets. Full security of the chats and talks. That makes your dialogues invulnerable to hacker attacks and cyber-hijackers’ intrusion. Coordination and handling of groups with up to 200000 participants. Groups are social communities, which you can participate in and arrange yourself. This type of partnership provides a great method of promoting your business or discuss the ideas and issues that are important to you in any way. Just choose the group according to your area of interest and join the massive army of the subject's followers and fans.

If you don’t want to deal with prolonged customization or configuration of the app before you manage to install it, just download Telegram Portable and enjoy the ride. By the way, if you haven’t used Telegram before, have a look at lighter version of Telegram, Telegram X, which also perfectly works on mobile gadgets of earlier generations.

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