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Telegram X is an alternative version of the original Telegram client built on TDLib (Telegram Database Library) technology. The package has been officially released on January 2018 for Android, and on December 2017 for iOS, while the desktop builds for X branch have not been published. What are the differences between common and extended versions of the app? Let’s download Telegram X for iOS or another compatible environment version and find out!

Review of Telegram X and its options

Telegram X is a totally new, light version of the actual messaging service perfectly adopted for usage on mobile device and other platforms. Despite the fact that the developer of X-build is still the same (i.e., Telegram LLC), we can assume that a completely different team of employees is currently working on the development of the tool.

Here are the differences between the original and X applet packages:

  • Telegram X was built on Swift programming language, while the original utility is based on C. Without getting really deep into the technical details, we can summarize that X version works considerably faster, as it requires less amount of code to be written. As a result, the personal experience reveals that X version consumes severely less amount of gadget resources. That has also been announced by the developers themselves.
  • 4 new customization themes have appeared on iOS: Day Classic, Day, Night and Night Blue, while Android-build contains 10 themes in total, from Blue, Orange and Green to Cyan and Pink. All of them perfectly fit your local environment, so you can switch them depending on your needs and preferences. Take into account that the black Telegram color consumes less battery resources than the bright ones; you can activate any of the available dark themes when this parameter is especially needed.

  • The animation of scrolling the feed has also been modified. Now it’s smoother, similar to iMessage module for iPhone. The same is in the Android build.
  • By default, all the messages from the Channels feed are displayed without the bubbles. Moreover, from now you can customize the text size.

  • The new Stickers section has appeared, which allows you to download and use sticker sets. Also, you can apply masks to the videos and photos. The range of the masks is quite wide as well.

To sum up the review, we should say that Telegram X is definitely a successful project: its lighter, faster and more productive with solid opportunities for customization and setting up. As we have noticed, all the new features that are implemented by the developers are rolled into the X version first. When an option is thoroughly tested, and feedback is gathered from the user community, it is transferred to the main branch. If you want to have a personal look at the app capabilities, download Telegram X for Android or iPhone/iPad gadget and enjoy the ride.

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