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Signal app for MacOS is a secure, encrypted messaging client for private communication between your friends, colleagues and relatives in the most reliable and protected way. With desktop Signal client for Mac OS X, you can send group and one-to-one messages, that may include videos, images, voice notes and files. The Mac messenger client is shared on the freeware basis, as long as the source-code of the software initiative is entirely available to public as well.

Essential options and tweaks of Signal app

Currently Signal is one of the most reliable and protected cross-platform software messengers, available on the market. Below we highlighted all the top-notch opportunities of the project, that differentiate it from the competitors:

  • Delivering and exchanging high-quality group, text, voice, graphical and video-messages, as well as documents to any location of the globe without auxiliary fees for SMS or MMS
  • Arrange and handle crystally clear voice and video calls to the people, who live in far-away city, country or continent without miscellaneous payments for international calls
  • Stay absolutely private due to full encryption of calls and messages inside of the messenger and their thorough design, which maintains security of your communication and interaction with third-parties. No one can read your messages or overhear your calls, except you personally and your direct collocutor
  • Precise and flexible time management. You can maintain the clearness of your correspondence history with the disappearing messages feature. Specify various intervals of disappearing messages for each individual conversation. All the participants of the talk possess the same, identical settings. Good memories would still remain, even if the words are lost
  • Free for everyone. No ads, affiliated marketeers or irritating tracking. Signal is simply an open technology or platform for instant. convenient and safe exchange of messages, as it was designed originally and intended to be
  • Handy, transparent and logical visual interface. All the icons and pictograms are located precisely where you expect them
  • The chance to search new contacts by phone number or by name. Disregarding of the option you choose, the interaction with new added contacts is protected with high-end encryption and secure protocol
  • Due to integrated SMS handler, you may transform Signal into primary application to send SMS messages within your smartphone. After Signal is installed, you are suggested to give an app access to your address book, so all of your accustomed mates will be available within the contact list provided
  • Viewing all media from dedicated chat in a single app form. If you are often sending audios, videos and images, you don’t need to scroll through the whole chatting history to find the media you received or delivered anymore
  • Archiving the specific conversation to hide it from the viewing area. In case you consider the former chat required afterwards, you may unarchive it with a sole mouse click and make it viewable again.

With Signal you may do all the things, available within Viber or WhatsApp or Telegram. However, the enhanced encryption and security mechanisms transform your Signal chatting into more secure and private time-spending, than alternative solutions make possible. You may download Signal for macOS following the direct link below, and give a try to application builds for compatible mobile operating systems, as well as Windows setup package.

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