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Skype outage map

Data: 04-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype is a popular utility that has a feature-rich and handy functionality. The program is widely used in almost all countries, offering quality service. Since it is a global app, users in different parts of the world might sometimes face certain issues regarding using the messenger. Is it possible to check the app’s status? Is Skype having problems now? Discover a few services that might be helpful for you in case the utility suddenly appears unavailable.

Best services for checking Skype heartbeat

The program’s official website. The quickest and the easiest way to check the messenger’s issues is to visit the Microsoft official website. All the information about the problems regarding using the app’s services is available at

You will be able to check the features’ performance divided into several groups:

  • Calls to landline and mobile numbers. This feature indicates whether there is something wrong with making calls to non-messenger users.
  • Contact management. Broken contact lists, wrong contact details and information are indicated in this category.
  • Instant messaging. Can’t send or receive new messages? Make sure the service is still down in this listing.
  • Media sharing. This option includes problems with sending, receiving and viewing pictures, photos and videos while using the tool.
  • Payment systems. Fail to buy subscriptions or Credits? Find more information regarding the issue.
  • Messenger calling. This point reflects any problems that are related to making voice and audio calls between the messenger’s users.
  • Search. If you can’t properly use the search feature, you will not be able to find users, messages, bots, and groups.
  • Signing into the program. Is your app shutting down before you sign in? Get more details about the error at this point.
  • SMS. Fail to send texts to non-messenger users? Keep in touch with this option to know more about the issue.
  • Skype number. In case you are having some troubles with using your number that is developed for calling and picking up you on the messenger, make sure it is working properly on the program’s servers.

Skype outage map can be also found at This service provides detailed data about the errors and issues that face users located in different countries. The reports are collected for the previous 12 hours.

Not to mention, you can leave a comment or report on any tool issues by pressing Not Working For Me button.

You can also ask for help the official support team at