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Skype Call Recorder

Data: 04-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Starting from Skype 8.0, Microsoft offers a way to record voice and video calls right within the messenger, without redirecting to third-party apps and programs. Basically, the free video call recorder for Skype is the same for all desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac) and mobile (Android, iPhone or iPad) operating environments and devices. You only have to initiate a call right from your laptop, computer, mobile phone or other handheld gadget, activate the recording manager (on this stage, all the conversation participants will receive a notification that the audio is about to be saved), and start the recording itself. You don’t need to download any plugins or extensions from external mirrors. The full version of the software is available for free. Everything that you should care about is the agreement of the call participants to make the record, and that’s all. Below we will provide a brief instruction about how to record a call on Skype using the embedded feature.

Key features of recording calls via Skype

With Skype recorder's functionality, you don’t need to worry about low system requirements of your laptop or mobile gadget, or that you won’t have enough space on your disk to store the resulted video file. All the recordings in Skype are cloud-based, so they are entirely maintained by Microsoft data centers in order to provide the cross-platform compatibility of the feature and the transparency of the procedure itself.

  • Currently, only the Skype-to-Skype calls can be recorded.
  • At the very moment, when the recording is about to start, all voice or video chat participants will receive the corresponding notification so that there wouldn’t be any surprises.
  • If you are in process of video recording, the messenger will ensure that every person’s video stream is recorded and combined.
  • In case you or your interlocutor shares their screen, that representation will also be recorded properly.
  • Once you end the record, leave the group call or end it, the record routine will be stopped, and the result will be posted in the chat, where the call occured.
  • The call recording made via messaging service will be open for you and your interlocutors for 30 days in the chat. During the next 30 days you or the person you were talking with can download and save the recorded file on local machine or device at any time.

How to record a call in Skype?

Here is a brief instruction about how to record a voice or video conversation via Skype embedded service:

  • Run the Skype app and log in to your account. If you didn’t use the messenger formerly and don’t have an account, refer to “How to create Skype account” guide section.
  • Start a new call. In case you have with difficulties with that, have a look at the “How to make a Skype call” FAQ chapter.
  • When the call is initiated:
    • on desktop: press the + icon at the bottom-right corner of the call window to reveal the advanced options list

    • on mobile: tap + icon at the bottom part of the screen.

  • in order to start the call recording itself:
    • on desktop: select the Start recording item

    • on mobile: tap on Start recording icon

  • once the icon is selected, the banner will appear on the screen with notification about the initiation of the recording

  • When the call is ended, the file with the recorded conversation will be available for all the call participants in the active chat window for the next 30 days to save it locally or download on their gadgets.

How to save a recording of Skype call?

If you want to save the record of your call within the messenger, you need to proceed with the following steps to complete the procedure:

  • open the active chat with the recording displayed. In the chat form:
    • on desktop: click the More menu

    • on mobile: long-tap the recording of the call
  • download and save the recording as an external MP4 file. In order to do that:
    • on desktop: select Save to Downloads option to save the file right to your Downloads folder or choose the “Save as…”option to specify the exact location of the file storage

    • on mobile: select Save to download and save your recording in the gallery of your device.

How to share the recording of your Skype call?

If you want to share the recording of your recent Skype call to the contact not involved into the conversation:

  • access the following buttons from the active chat window:
    • on desktop: click More menu

    • on mobile: tap on the call recording and keep the finger tapped
  • select the Forward menu option to share the call recording to another chat within the app.

Here are a bit more advanced options about the management of your chat recording:

  • Remove: lets you remove the recorded call from your active chat form
  • Report: gives a chance to report about spam or abuse from someone else who participated in the call recordings.

Alternative apps for recording Skype calls

If you would like to try alternative solutions to record conversations, here are a few third-party software products to practice.

For Windows

  • MP3 Skype Recorder. Despite the fact that it records only the audio track of the call, it includes a sufficient mass of advanced features to make your interaction with recorder positive and vivid. Differently from built-in Skype recorder, it is able to track several calls to different interlocutors simultaneously and to save them into distinct MP3 files. Also, it is perfectly integrated into new Skype 8.0 and later branches and Skype for Business services.
  • Evaer. Proprietary tool to record video and audio portions of the talk in sync. Also records screen sharing sessions and group calls with up to 10 participants. Most of the app features are available in Pro build, which costs 20$. The freeware app package gives a chance to record video and audio talks of only up to 5 minutes in length. If you need more, you are suggested to acquire Premium version.
  • iFree Skype Recorder. Totally free, configurable utility with enhanced support of all Skype branches: the project from Microsoft Store, Skype for Business, Classic . Moreover, you can also record conversations from Google Hangouts, Facebook and Teams. Contains toolset for automatic or manual recording from messaging app. Maintains record operations with all types of audio streams. Also, you can select between mono and audio format to save the precious disk space, after all.

For macOS

  • ECamm Call Recorder. Another commercial mobile app that is intended to facilitate your user experience with several handy features. Firstly, the quality — all the calls are recorded in fair HD resolution. Secondly, the variety of media content to record: you can save interviews, podcasts and video sessions right to your hard disk without any efforts and prolonged setting up. And last but not least is editing. Multi-track recording feature provides a way to split or merge tracks when a call is completed, and you get a final media-file.
  • Callnote Regular. The free app with plenty of capabilities
  • essential for live steady recording. You can record calls with up to 8 participants, edit call descriptions/titles, initiate or cease an automated or manual recording routine without any excessive efforts. The developer offers the setup packages for Windows and macOS platforms.

For Android

  • Apowersoft Screen Recorder. Easy to navigate, flawless and extremely intuitive mobile app which allows to record not only Skype calls, but also any on-screen activity on your mobile gadget. With this particular program, you can stop, start or pause the recording by stylish GUI buttons. When the call is recorded, you can instantly share the result via YouTube, Google Drive, email or other affordable social media .

For iOS

  • QuickVoice Recorder. Logical, fully customizable voice recorder for iPhone/iPad. With this particular service, you can record classes, meetings, lists, narration, voice email, voice memos, ideas and even lectures. The tool supports multitasking. Hereby, while you are recording an interesting note, you can use other apps at the same time without interruption. With an exclusive Ringtone Recording option, you can instantly transform your recording into an iPhone ringtone. Must-have solution for educational and private purposes.

For Linux

  • Skype Call Recorder. Free, open-source utility for Ubuntu and Mint, which allows to easily record the audio section of Skype conversation. The user can select between WAV, OGG and MP3 formats for audio file to store. Automatic and manual recording are available. In addition, automatic recording can be independently set up for each particular interlocutor, which is a great way to split the audio recording into parts.

All the described built-in Skype Call Recorder methods provide an opportunity to record a video or audio conversation without hassle and any surprises. Everything is clear and transparent in this procedure, and obvious for the chat participants as well. At the same time, you can refer to third-party apps, which sometimes can extend and enrich the standard messenger options and bring more comfort and flexibility.