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How to call phone numbers on Skype

Data: 27-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

When we talk about Skype, the first thing that crosses our minds is not about its being an instant messenger. There are many of that kind, even better looking and handier for a user. What individuates this product is its ability to provide and support voice calls and video calls with a quality surpassing its competitors and the fact that it’s free of charge between its users.

Skype is also the world's largest phone provider. It made it possible to call usual mobile and landline numbers using the application installed on your computer, not only on cell telephones and tablets (if they support the option to make calls).

Unlike calls between its own accounts which are free of charge, Skype to phone service is paid. Though the rates for it are higher than those offered by the main competitors, they are significantly lower than the prices claimed by the cordless phone providers. The quality of the voice sound might be inferior in comparison with the pure phone connection, but it is still decent enough to justify paying for the thing.

Skype Credits vs monthly subscription

To afford yourself Skype phone calls, you need to have some funds on your account. There are two ways to do this: subscriptions or a one-time payment to your balance.

With a subscription, you purchase a service pack — a certain amount of minutes for calling mobile and landline numbers in a certain country or a number of countries. For example, there are special packages for calls to North America including 8 destinations at a definite price of $6.99 per month.

On one hand, subscriptions will meet the necessity of keeping communication with a certain country constantly during certain period. On the other hand, your account will be charged monthly no matter how many unused minutes are left.

In case you do not need regular Skype-to-phone calls — however, this option can be required occasionally — credits would suit better. A certain amount (5, 10 or 25 USD) will be put on your account balance and remain there until you make a call. Then the account will be charged according to the rates for 1 minute of a call to that geographical location.

Note that if you don't use your Skype Credits for calls within 180 days, they become inactive. It does not mean that the balance is reduced to zero. It will only be suspended temporarily, and you can reactivate it when you need it.

Adding funds to the account balance from different locations

After you've made the decision regarding the best service type, top up your balance. It can be done both from within the application and online, in the web account.

In the desktop or mobile application, click/tap your profile picture, and you'll see the menu with the main options. Click Add funds.

Now you are offered to choose between Credits and Subscription. Note that there are several free trials for subscriptions offered now. If you think that you might need the service this way, it could be worth trying them.

Select the option and continue to make a purchase, enter the personal details and proceed to provide your payment method.

If you prefer working with the web version of this service, you can buy it online. Sign in to your account, and you’ll see the options on the left side.

Caller ID and Skype Number for the account

If you think that you might use your Skype application as a cordless telephone regularly, you might need a separate number to share with your friends and family or colleagues at work.

There are two terms which we need to clarify first, as it is possible to mix them.

Caller ID is a number which will be shown to the recipients when you call them using the application. You can set it yourself, and this service is free of charge. However, it will only help them to know that it's you calling. They would not be able to call you back: the Caller ID is an alias, not the real phone number.

Setting up the Caller ID should be done online in your web account only. Log in to account and click Caller ID.

Specify the details you'd like to use and save the changes.

As for Skype Number, it is a fully functional phone number which you purchase and pay for in the same way as you do with the regular cellular device.

In the desktop or mobile application, click on the profile picture and then click Get for the Skype Number.

It will transfer you to your account.

Now you'll need to proceed to the purchasing area. It is like a real store where you can choose the country, the city and the number you would like.

View the rates and choose the subscription period. If it suits you, go ahead and complete the purchase.

Making a call from Skype application to a mobile or landline number

After you top up your balance, set the Caller ID or purchase the number, you can make Skype phone calls from within the application.

The first option is to use your mobile phone or a tablet if it supports an option to make calls from it. In this case, you can use the device's phone book to find the contact quickly. Launch the Skype mobile app on your device and go to Contacts or Calls section (the necessary options will be both in them).

Tap the contact, and it will give you the options to connect. If there is a mobile phone number provided there, it will be shown with the rate for 1 minute defined. Tap on it, and it will launch the calling process.

You can also dial a number directly in the application, just click the dial pad icon.

As for the desktop applications and the browser web version, view the list of your contacts in the Calls section. Click on the small arrow for a contact, and it will offer to phone directly.

When you click +Call, it will show you the contact list with the option to choose one and contact it by phone.

And the cogwheel icon stands for the additional settings, as always.

To make direct phone calls to a mobile or landline number from the web version while you are online, click the dial pad icon and type the number.

As you see, the Skype to phone service can be really useful, and you can turn the small Skype application into a fully functional cordless telephone to make calls all over the world.