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Skype Call Rates

Data: 04-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype is a unique VoIP service that offers a large number of features for communication without any limits. The app can boast of having plenty of free features, while some extended options might require payments. What is Skype Call Rates? Is it affordable? Below you will find detailed data about the program’s pricing as well as the list of free services.

Most users are wondering which app functions can be used without any fees and subscriptions. The most important thing you should know is that all the calls and texts between the program users are totally free. No matter which tool version you are using (application for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, the desktop app, etc.), you can use the utility’s basic options without any additional fees.

Free app services: full list

  • audio (also called voice) calls (except calls to landline or mobile numbers)
  • video calls
  • sending messages (except sending texts to mobile numbers)
  • sharing files, photos, contacts, and locations
  • using group chats and calls
  • adding personal information
  • using Translator
  • using smiles, GIFs, and emoticons.

Is Skype free? Generally, it's free. Only services provided outside the tool will require spending money.

Note: To use the tool, you will need to have a stable Wi-Fi or mobile network connection. Contact your provider to know more about the fees regarding using the Internet.

Skype Subscription: tips and fees

What is Skype Subscription? Subscriptions are special calling plans per month that allow making fixed-minute or unlimited calls to landlines and mobile numbers. This service is widely used for those who make lots of calls. All subscriptions are renewed automatically, but you can effortlessly cancel them anytime.

Currently, the app offers a number of subscriptions that are available for free for the first month. After the first month, you will need to pay 1-6 cents per minute for calls to mobiles and landlines depending on the country you are calling to. For more detailed information about subscriptions available for your country, please visit

You might also need to know how to get Skype Subscription. That’s incredibly easy! Just follow this handy guide and you will do the entire job in minutes.

  1. Open the app and tap the main icon at the top of the window.

  2. Click on Add funds button.

  3. Choose the needed subscription plan and click on the green button.

  4. You will be automatically redirected to the utility’s official website. Provide your payment details and follow the instructions of the wizard to finish the process.

By the way, getting subscription might save you lots of money since its call rates are lower than pay-as-you-go option.

Skype Credit: fees and benefits

Skype Credit enables its users to call whoever they want for reasonable costs. It is a perfect option for those who make a few calls per month and only want to pay for what they use.

In case you would like to get the credit, go to your profile (just tap the main icon) and click on Skype to phone (as described in the previous guide). Press Continue.

Then, follow the tips of the wizard and fill in the required fields to make the payment.

What are Skype Credit rates? The most popular options are $5,00, $10,00 and $25,00. You can also enable the auto-recharge feature that will automatically add funds to your account when your balance drops below $2,00. You can also disable it whenever you need. Furthermore, you can always check your balance in the app profile and add money anytime.

What is Skype number and how to use it?

Skype number is the local number which you can use for making and receiving calls for low prices. Using the feature allows you to manage your calls more effectively as well as save your time and money.

You can buy the number with different codes from the list of over 20 countries. Moreover, feel free to purchase app’s numbers for countries you are not actually living in (except Switzerland, South Korea, France, Brazil and Netherlands - those countries require proof of your residence) You can use up to 10 different numbers in one account.

How to get a Skype phone number? The process of getting your number is simple and super fast.

  1. Log in to your app and choose the main profile icon.

  2. Click on the Get button.

  3. You will be automatically redirected to

Choose the required country.

  1. Click on Continue or choose another location.

  2. Choose your billing period and click Continue. Note: the longer period you choose, the lower price you will get.

  3. Fill in your billing address and click Save at the bottom of the window.

  4. Select your payment method, fill in the required fields and press Pay now.

You will be able to use your account number in just a few minutes after your payment is processed.

How to make international calls using the program?

Skype international calls is one of the most popular features for the app users. You can effortlessly call any landline or mobile number worldwide. To make an international call, follow the guide below.

  1. Open the program, go to Calls and choose + Call button.

  2. Press the Dial Pad button.

  3. Choose the required country from the drop-down list.

  4. Type the number and press the blue headphone button to make a call.

To get more detailed information about Skype international call rates depending on the country you are planning to call, visit

Skype is surely a universal tool that will help you perform calls and sending texts globally without any efforts.