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Is Google Hangouts shutting down

Data: 29-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Google Hangouts is one of the most famous messengers worldwide that has a whopping number of active users. However, the rumors about Google Hangouts shutting down have long been going on. Therefore, people who are currently using the app for convenient and easy communication are wondering about the tool’s future. Will Google executives shut down the app? How long will users be able to use the application? All these questions have been recently clarified by the company’s leaders.

What will happen to Google Hangouts?

The application will soon be closed. Unfortunately, it is true. According to the company’s blog, the program will be shut down in the nearest future. The users of the app will be moved away to Hangouts Chat, which is an independent enterprise Slack clone.

Feeling confused? Let’s figure everything out. The matter is that Google has two completely different services with similar names — Hangouts Chats and Hangouts (also called Hangouts Classic). However, they have almost nothing in common.

The classic version is the most popular messaging program offered by Google. It is an excellent program with lots of handy features for communication. Being an upgrade of Google Talk, the tool has been kept for 13 years.

Unlike the classic app, Hangouts Chats is a new program that is a Slack clone. The programs have different user bases and are not connected with each other.

Is Google Hangouts going away? Yes, its Classical version with millions of users worldwide is. The shutting down process will be launched in October 2019. According to various sources, the app will be completely closed in 2020.

However, the company is not going to lose its dedicated users. Although Hangouts apps are completely different services, the developers will close the gap between them. In other words, the customers will automatically migrate from Classic to Chat version. It is also known that the new features of Chat app will be launched in spring-summer 2019. Furthermore, the programs will become more alike with each update.

The transition of the app might sound really complicated. And this is actually true. However, Google leaders believe that the process will come smoothly without causing any inconveniences. The company’s developers, engineers, and designers are working hard to provide the best quality service for all the customers and take care of the brand’s name, offering quick and easy shutdown of one of the best messengers.