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Google Hangouts shortcuts

Data: 29-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Google Hangouts is surely a great app with lots of innovative features and options available for all users. Most people enjoy online communication using the basic program’s features that are built in various menus. However, there are still some secret tricks most users even don’t know about. You will not find them in the app’s user guides or FAQ. However, we are ready to unveil them so that you are able to spice up your communication and make your friends feel completely pop-eyed. Discover the world of Hangouts shortcuts right in this article!

Hangouts’ desktop shortcuts and commands

In case you are an active user of the messenger’s desktop version, you can effortlessly use special tricks that are not available for mobile users.

First, these are keyboard commands. Using your keyboard allows you to format text in your chat.

For Windows systems press these keys:

CTRL + B (for bold text)
CTRL + I (for Italic text)
CTRL + U (for underlined text)

The same option is available for Mac devices:

Command + B (for bold text)
Command + I (for Italic text)
Command + U (for underlined text)

The navigation shortcuts can be also effortlessly used for more convenient communication, as well as for switching between different programs and services. Press the keys one after another (not simultaneously) to activate extra features.

H and M — Open Settings menu of your messenger
H and I — Move to Invites menu
H and Q — Go to Search menu
H and A — Go to Archived Chats
H and C — Focus on the first element in the chatting list
H and P — Move to Phone Mode.

Google Hangouts desktop shortcut for extra features is also ready to boost your chatting performance:

  • To change the background color, type /bikeshed

  • Type /shruggie to get a cute person from symbols.

  • Add /success to see a happy person.

  • Press /shame for golden bells

  • Type /puppyparty to enjoy lots of funny puppies.

  • Get burning fire using /lit

  • For beautiful flowers press /flowerbeam

  • As for magician, it can become visible with /wizard

  • And a red crab will amaze you after typing V.v.V

Hangouts’ emoji shortcuts

Google Hangouts has even more whopping secret features! In case you are interested in awesome animated tricks, just enter specific symbols and enjoy the tons of hidden smiley, funny, odd, and pretty emoticons and emojis. Hangouts emoji keyboard feature is available for all desktop clients!

  1. As a rule, communication in the messengers goes smoothly. However, in some cases, you might become angry or annoyed. To express your feelings more effectively, use /pitchforks

  2. There is a special secret code for everyone who loves ponies. Just add /ponystream and get a cute pony right on your screen.

if you want even more ponies: /ponystream

  1. In case you use /corgis, you will see a happy puppy running through your screen.

  2. A smiley dino with a little house: /shydino

In case you search online, you will find lots of other tips for activating Google Hangouts hidden animated emojis. However, not all of them are working. The emojis above will definitely work on your machine — our experts have successfully tested all of them!