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Alternative to Google Hangouts

Data: 24-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Google Hangouts remains to be one of the leading applications among numerous messengers. The program has a handy design and all the features needed for communication right at your fingertips. Although the tool has everything most users are looking for convenient chatting, calling, and sharing files, some people might still search for an alternative to Google Hangouts. Either you would like to compare the different messengers or you are not satisfied with Hangouts, feel free to get any of the apps below using our website.

There are lots of various clients that are developed for the replacement of Google messenger. Most of them are available for different operating systems, including most common iOS, Android, and Windows. Therefore, you are not likely to face any issues while switching to a more convenient alternative on your device.

The best apps like Hangouts: free tools and services

Skype. Being one of the most popular applications worldwide, Skype had been a pioneer tool among the messengers. However, it still holds leading positions in the list of the most widely-used programs for communication. Furthermore, the program has a unique feature that is not available in its competitors. That is Skype Translator which allows to automatically translate your conversations to a dozen of different languages. Moreover, you are also able to communicate with people from other countries and get translations of their speech in the form of a text right during video chat. The app also allows calling landline and mobile numbers as a paid option.

Line. Line is also a top-notch alternative to the widely used Hangouts app. The program is focused on free communication and entertainment, offering countless features for these purposes. In case you are fond of watching video clips, feel free to benefit with a built-in Keep function that allows storing your favorite images and video in a specific location. Now all your best media files are accessible in a couple of taps. The program also has a special gaming option — Face Play utility is giving you lots of opportunities for playing, making screenshots, and chatting with your mates at the same time.

WhatsApp. WhatsApp is also present among the leaders in the online communication. The program has all the features and options for simple and convenient communication. With a super-simple and easy-to-operate interface, WhatsApp has one of the best designs for beginner users. In case you are completely new to the world of messengers, this option might become a real treasure.

Viber. Viber is surely a great Hangouts alternative. The app will perfectly fit those users, who value advanced chatting options. The program is incredibly rich with stickers, smiles, GIFs, and emoticons, where most picture packages are available for free. As for the regular features, it also allows audio and video calling, sending pictures, files, and locations, as well as offers some customization options.

Telegram. Telegram is the only app from our hot list that doesn’t allow performing video calls (audio calls are still available). However, it still remains to be amazingly popular among millions of people. Telegram chats and groups allow its users to keep in touch with anything they might find interesting — from sports and celebrities to business and finance. Communication, entertainment, and hobby are all available in this outstanding service.

BBM. BBM is a perfect option for making high-quality video calls. The program can boast of having HD-quality video for online communication. Furthermore, the service has a convenient Private chat that allows keeping your conversations in a secret. Lots of games, social circles, customization tools, and other advanced services can be easily found by any user of BBM.

Generally, all the applications from the list above are excellent utilities and are as good as Google Hangouts. Each one has its unique features, so feel free to choose the best one according to your personal preferences.