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KakaoTalk for iOS is one of the world-known messengers with outstanding functionality and countless opportunities to chat and call with no need to pay for the services. The application is designed to provide a full number of utilities for communication with tons of handy functions, available to all its users. The program is totally free to use - you can download, install, and enjoy using all its functions and options with no extra charges. No subscription fee is also required! The app is developed for iPad and iPhone and perfectly installs to any modern model of iOS gadgets. The freshest version of KakaoTalk app iPhone is available on our website.

KakaoTalk for Apple devices: benefits and features

The most important thing any beginner user of the app should definitely know is that the messenger can be used not only on iOS devices. The program has specially designed versions for Android gadgets and desktop PCs. Therefore, in case your friends don’t have the latest version of the iPhone, they can still effortlessly use the program on the other devices. No worries about compatibility - the program is incredibly flexible and will suit any type of modern smartphone or tablet.

Many users still avoid using the KakaoTalk since it has no end-to-end encryption, like most popular messaging apps. However, the program’s developers are always taking care of your security and privacy, using the most up-to-date methods of protecting personal information. Therefore, no end-to-end encryption shouldn’t be considered as KakaoTalk’s disadvantage.

The program has lots of benefits, offered to all its users. You can make audio and video calls to any contacts from your smartphone’s list, who are also using KakaoTalk for free with no hidden payments! Furthermore, you can send hundreds and thousands of messages to different people from your address book with no worries about the standard SMS rates - chatting is also completely free.

If you would like to share some bright moments or memories using KakaoTalk app for iPad, the app is also ready to help! It has a handy sharing function located right in your messaging panel. By the way, all the functions, options, and settings are available in just a few taps, so that you don’t need to waste your time searching for a certain tool you need. The interface of the messenger is surely innovative and easy to operate.

KakaoTalk for iOS devices is a great tool for communication. Millions of users all over the world have been using the app on their Apple devices and rate the program as one of the best messengers globally.

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KakaoTalk for iOS Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download from official web-site
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3 005
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