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Hangouts Meet

Data: 06-May-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Hangouts Meet is a component of the corporate G Suite platform from Google dedicated to arrangement of video-meetings, conferences and broadcasts. The module is tightly integrated with Hangouts Chat, Google Calendar and Gmail, which allows to schedule new meetings, make digital publications, share and broadcast right from the Meet. It should be noted that the utility is also useful for managing business.

Hangouts Meet: features and options

In general, the module considerably enhances and advances Google Hangouts’ functionality. While free Hangouts is designed for usual users and small organizations, commercial Meet is dedicated for medium and large corporate sector.

Here are the highlights of the most important options and features of the app:

  • Video-meetings is a simple thing. With Hangouts Meet you can forget about organizational difficulties. Just schedule the conference and send link to the chat participants. You don’t need to worry anymore whether your colleagues, business partners or clients have this plugin or the account. The suite offers simple interface and convenient means for management of the meeting participants. From now on, it is not harder to handle a video meeting with dozens of users.
  • Due to close integration with other Google products, you can join a video meeting right from a Calendar event or an email invite. It doesn’t matter where you are and what device do you use. All the info regarding the meeting is right at your fingertips.
  • You can use Hangouts Meet on iPhone, iPad or Android device, view all scheduled daily events with useful data from the Calendar and join them just by clicking them. G Suite Enterprise users can also create a special phone number. After calling it, you can join a meeting on the way to a hotel or an airport when you don’t have Internet access.
  • Full compliance with other software video-conferencing solutions. Teams which use Skype for Business or systems for video-conferences based on H.323 or SIP standard, such as Cisco or Polycom, can join a Hangouts meeting via Pexip Infinity platform.
  • Ultimate opportunities for conference rooms. With Hangouts Meet equipment, you can settle a video-bridge between remote offices. The installed devices are easy to set up, deploy and use. Moreover, you can do it remotely through the web.
  • All of the content transferred between the devices connected is securely encrypted. Video and audio are transferred in an encoded view. The users from other domains can join a conference through a special protected channel.
  • If you want to join a meeting by phone, you don’t need any external service to do it. For each conference within G Suite Enterprise, a special phone number and PIN-code are generated. There are no any other settings required for maintaining the connection.

The suite perfectly sustains all technical issues described in the official documentation of the app. You can also use Meet on Android or iOS gadgets, the mobile apps are available to download on this particular page. The package is a unique solution which grants immersive possibilities for communicating within your business area. If you want to get more info about setting up and the practical usability of the suite, have a look at the “What is Hangouts Meet and how does it work?” FAQ guide.