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Unable to connect in Hangouts: How to fix

Data: 06-May-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Google Hangouts not working issues are exceedingly rare. In fact, it is a really efficient and reliable service. Besides, this messenger is one of Google's products and is supported by Google's powerful servers to avoid errors. Problems occur mostly if the messenger is unable to connect to the server, and there are several factors causing such failures.

Main causes of connection problems on Hangouts and the ways to fix them

First of all, when you have any technical errors with the service, check the Internet connection settings, whether the following domains are not blocked:


They are allowed by default by most of the Internet providers, however, they could be blocked on your network for some reason. You might need to consult with the network administrator to clarify if that could be the cause of the trouble.

If the Hangouts service is allowed in your location, then refer to the next possible causes of the inconveniences.

Problems with the slow Internet connection

The mobile app version of this messenger is optimized to work on older phones and tablets, but there must be good Internet connection. Google Hangouts is rather demanding to the bandwidth, particularly for audio and video sessions. In case of the slow connection, it does not produce definite errors — just the work of the service can be lagging.

  • If the app is taking longer than usually to be launched and execute the tasks check the Internet connection. It is recommended to use WiFior, if you have the mobile Internet on the device, you will need 3G or better — 4G.
  • If you have problems with Hangouts not working properly on the location, try to switch from Wifi to the mobile Internet and vice versa, and try to use another device (for example, use the desktop PC version of the messenger instead of the app on your smartphone).
  • Make sure that your bandwidth is at least 300 kbps (inbound and outbound) — this is a minimum allowed for personal text chats, and the higher speed is preferable to get rid of the performance problems.
  • In case you are going to use the audio and video connection, you will need minimum 2.6 mbps outbound and up to 4.0 mbps inbound bandwidth.

With slow connection, the service can be unable to perform its operations.

  • Problems with the weak Internet connection take place if the users have to leave the areas with proper coverage.

Besides, older smartphones often can't guarantee decent quality of the mobile Internet connection while displaying the “connected”status. In this case, the speed of the Internet is much lower than it is required, and the Hangouts messenger will be unable to work as it should.

  • One more reason of the problems can be in place abroad: some countries forbid or restrict access to Google and its services (there can be limited access for some of the resources), and in this case there can be serious problems with Hangouts connecting the servers.

The issue could be fixed by implementing a VPN service. It is better to clarify about such possible difficulties before going abroad.

Server errors in the Hangouts messenger

In some cases there are server errors messages. They mean that the connection attempt is blocked on the provider's side. Users are unable to fix such connection errors themselves, as the errors are caused by the work of Google itself. Still, there are the following steps to troubleshoot and overcome the problems:

  1. Wait for a couple of minutes and try to send the message again — such errors are usually temporary and can be even produced by a random failure.
  2. Sign out of this messenger and sign in again. This will launch the new session which can be picked up by a different Google server which won't experience performance errors.
    • If you use the Hangouts app on the mobile device with Android OS or iOS, open the side menu and tap Settings. Then scroll the account's menu down and choose Sign Out at the bottom of the window.

    • If you use the plug-in for the Chrome browser which emulates the desktop application, remove that add-on from the browser and install it once again.

      • In case you prefer the web version in the browser, sign out of your Google account, delete the cache and cookies, close and launch again the browser, and log in to Hangouts again.

Being blocked in Hangouts

Users of Hangouts have the option to block some counterparts — in this case,that user will use the possibility to send them text messages or contact via audio or video calls. However, for video calls they get the notification about being blocked, and for the text chats they do not get such information.

The blocked user can see other users on Hangouts but is unable to contact the person who blocked him or her. Thus, it can be as if the user experiences problems with connection.

In this case, try to log in to Google Hangouts with different credentials (this service is tied to the Gmail address, and each separate Gmail user is at the same time a separate user of this instant messenger). Then try to contact that person from a different username and check the results.

If none of the reasons described above can define and fix the connection problem, refer to the Help forum which supports this service. You can get the expert advice regarding your issue there.