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Google Hangouts in the classroom

Data: 23-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Google Hangouts is a flexible platform that has lots of unique features. The app can be used not only for simple chatting and calling with friends and family members, many teachers are also now adopting the popular program for educational purposes. The app is ready to offer countless opportunities for implementing innovative teaching methods, connecting with tutors, and establishing new connections with those who are miles away. In this article, you will find lots of information on how to use Google Hangouts in education.

The new ways to use Hangouts for teaching and learning

  1. Broadcasting. The most popular way many teachers are now using the application is for broadcasting live sessions. Students are now able to see and listen to conferences and lectures that are held outside the classroom. It helps to extend the geography of learning opportunities — now kids and teens can effortlessly take part in the different events with no need to leave their own hometown. The same principle works for webinars that remain to be incredibly sought-after for young learners. You can also discover how to run a webinar on Google Hangouts on our website.
  2. Archive live sessions. The app is also ready to help those students who missed an important lecture or webinar. All the video conferences can be achieved and remain to be accessible for a long time. Recording audio and video is surely one of the most necessary features of the program. Students who study at home will be also able not to miss anything with the recorded lectures.
  3. Share screens. Teachers can share the screen, providing full video access to the presentations and other material that might be difficult to explain. This way, students will have a visual session and remember the required material much easier.
  4. Collaborate. The teacher and young learners can also discuss any issues and questions through the handy chat. Students are now able to interact directly not only with the tutor but also with each other.
  5. Create live shows. The young learners can record videos and share them with their friends and mentors online. This is a really effective way of learning new things since most youngsters are keen on recording and watching videos. Isn’t it a good idea to use their passion for educational purposes?
  6. Keep in touch with other students from abroad. Communication with native speakers, sharing knowledge and experience can be exceptionally useful for any learner. There are also lots of projects that can be made by learners from different countries together. Google Hangouts is ready to help! Working in multicultural environments develops tolerance, friendship, and loyalty.

Using Google Hangouts in the classroom can be made in various ways. Are you ready to change the educational routine using the brand new technologies?