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Line for macOS is a desktop client of the messenger for Macs and MacBooks. The application is distributed between all PC, Android, Windows Phone and iPhone, iPad gadgets’ owners for free, so you can instantly switch between laptop, smartphone and tablet without any efforts. Line is available to download for Mac computers and laptops right from this page.

A brief glance at Line’s special options

Here is the review of Line messenger’s features in comparison with rival software products:

  • vivid text chatting, either private or within a group, with a variety of ways to express your emotions via integrated emoji sets or stickers. You can find a huge assortment of the sticker packages in the market available to be downloaded for free or for minimum charges. Some of them are particularly designed by your favourite artists or celebrities, so don’t miss a chance to have a look.
  • Free media (voice and video) calls to your relatives, friends and business colleagues right from the app. The only exceptions are landline and mobile phones without Line installed on them — in this case, use the Line Out service, which gives an opportunity to call those types of contacts. In such a way, auxiliary payments for call phones are also suggested.
  • A chance to share any type of content as attachments: documents, PDFs, archives, executive files, spreadsheets, presentations, setups. More than that, you can post the customly predefined or your actual GPS-location data, contact info and voice recordings within the Line app.
  • Special coupons and sales from popular trademarks, brands and companies, so you can follow official accounts of your favourite TV shows, series and projects for exclusive promotions, campaigns, news, etc.
  • Embedded t
  • Timeline feed designed for sharing important moments, memories or events with everyone you love.
  • An exclusive Keep option, which allows to store any of your personal stuff in a unified location. In order to get access to your content, you don’t need to authenticate or log in. Just open the Keep storage and here we go.
  • Extensive ability to add new friends via “Shake it!” feature by shaking your mobile gadget simultaneously with them. Moreover, you can log in to an account via QR-code scanning or a Line ID identifier.
  • Face effects and filters that make your conversation full of stylish elements and make your user experience unforgettable.
  • Face Play module that provides a chance to play interactive mini-games right from the video call or chatting window. While playing, you can share screenshots with the advancement progress in a chat, to the Timeline feed or other social media platform.
  • Line Today feed in which you can read about the latest entertainment, cultural or sports events.

System requirements of Line for macOS

The developer hasn’t announced any special requirements regarding the tool. So you can follow only the general recommendation that concerns the product:

  • Mac OS X 10.10 or later.

As for the rest, choose the computer configuration by yourself.

To sum up, Line is a reliable, fluent messenger with accent on communication, media, promo-campaigns and news. The new versions of the product are released several times a month, so check the updates to try the new enhancements and featured components. Download Line for MacBook or Mac and enjoy its responsive interface, transparent visuals and great scalability.

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