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Kik for iOS is a top-rated messaging application developed by the Canadian Interactive, one of the leading digital companies worldwide. Being one of the most popular messengers with the total number of over 240 million active users, the program has an incredible number of features for communication for free.

The app has various versions, including a top-notch software for Apple devices. The program can be downloaded and installed both on iPhone and iPad, so its interface is really flexible. You can also refresh the program manually or turn on the automatic update for maximum convenience. Feel free to install Kik on iPhone and get an excellent app on your device in seconds.

Kik for iOS: the best features

  • Media sharing. Feel free to send pictures, photos, videos, emojis, stickers, GIFs, and other media. Moreover, the embedded camera feature allows users to make shots and selfies right from the messenger.
  • Chat customization. Make your conversation even more comfortable with advanced settings to each chat. This great feature will also prevent you from sending messages to a wrong contact by mistake.
  • Group chats. Communication one-to-one is no longer the only way for chatting on Kik. Add your friends to the group chats and discuss everything together.
  • Flexible notifications. Receive alerts when someone has sent you a message or is calling you in the messenger. By the way, you can turn off notifications for certain contacts or for a certain period of time.
  • Invitations. In case some of your friends are not using Kik, you can invite them to join you! Feel free to choose from SMS, email or social media invitations.
  • Profile customization. Set up a personal photo or picture, share your mood and make your app look according to your personal preferences.
  • Web surfing. There is no need to switch between different apps in case you need to search for something online. Kik already has an embedded browser to make your search fast and easy.
  • Live type status. This handy feature allows you to see when a person is typing a response to your message.

As a conclusion, Kik app for iPad and iPhone is an excellent tool for communication online with lots of unique features.

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Kik for iOS Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download from official web-site
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1 938
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153.1 MB
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