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Kik for Android is a reliable, secure and protected instant messaging service for mobile devices based on Android systems. Regarding the other platforms, Kik is compatible with iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry mobile phones and tablets only. Within the messenger, you can receive and transmit mobile webpages, sketches, videos, photos and text messages either in group or one-on-one chats. In order to download and install Kik for Android, refer to the link below and follow the accustomed procedure.

Exclusive options and tweaks of the Kik messaging application

The recent versions of Kik app include all relevant features sufficient for cozy and handy chatting with your freinds, colleagues or relatives online. Here we summarize the most peculiar of them according to the official specification and guidelines:

  • Free cross-platform exchanging of text messages, audio or video clips, GIFS, static images, sketches or memes between Android and iOS owners.
  • Individual or group chat depending on the user selection and preferences. You can send a distinct message to the particular person or to the whole group right away.
  • It is not obligatory to specify the phone number during the Kik account registration. This principle is implemented to guarantee full anonimity of your activity online, which is not common in the mobile world.
  • An awesome selection of emoji that follows your personal taste and style. You can always find a suitable smile, depending on your current mood. Moreover, the emoji packages are updated from time to time. As an extra option, you can get different emoji packs from the embedded shop and are always given a way to extend your ordinary emoji accesories, so stay tuned for more of them to find, install and apply.
  • The informative means to get know, whether your last message has been delivered, received and read. Thus, you can be always aware regarding your respondent‘s activity within the Kik messenger.
  • Full absence of notifications and commercial ads within the app. Indeed, due to the uncompromised privacy and anonimity, the messenger uses the commercial model, which doesn‘t stipulate for representation of banners and commercial info within Kik. Regarding the notifications, you are given a chance to disable them entirely, or display only the most important ones within the Settings panel. Such a flexible approach provides the customizable and personalized method to achieve that precise workflow you could ever imagine.
  • Offline messages. Like in WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram, you can send instant messages even to the contacts currently not available online. After your interlocutor logs in and accesses the Kik service from Wi-Fi or mobile operator network, he will instantly receive a notification about the incoming message. If the respondent expects your message, you can receive the reply right away. Otherwise, be patient and wait for the notification.
  • The group chat can include 9 participants, including you. This is not quite a lot, but considering the bandwith overload and rich media elements, we can assure that even the most heavy traffic will be transferred without obvious delays and freezes.

Kik app for an Android phone is a entirely configurable, flexible and secure service for any occasions and situations. Wherever you are and regardless of your current activity, you can always keep in touch with your friends or relatives and remind the unforgettable moments altogether, no matter what is your actual distance between. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the amount of traffic being shared between you and your interlocutor within Kik: everything you need is a mobile operator plan, and don‘t exceed your plan limit.

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