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Hangouts for Windows is a platform for communication between desktop OS and mobile client users. That kind of communication involves interactive chats, video and audio calls, group conferences, sending SMS messages, sharing multimedia, etc. right from your browser. The service is compliant with Windows, macOS desktop systems as well as with Android and iOS mobile environments. Depending on the type of operating systems you use, the way to download an app is different: if you want to use Hangouts on PC, laptop or Mac, you need to install a Chrome add-on or extension that grants a chance to use all the application opportunities right from your computer via browser plugin. In such a way, your browser revamps into a full messenger toolset with all relevant abilities applicable to any same-targeted software product. In fact, there is no way to download Google Hangouts for any desktop OS build on your computer. At the same time, the owners of iOS or Android-based gadgets are afforded a chance to get the mobile app from the corresponding online store for free, as usually. You can also access the web version of the application by redirecting to your Gmail account. When you log in to your email, you are afforded a chance to use a range of basic app opportunities. There is another web-based official portal where you can chat and make any types of calls:

How to download and install Google Hangouts on Windows

There is no desktop version of the app available for download. Instead, you are suggested to install a discrete plugin for any browser compliant with Chrome extension store: Chrome, Chromium, Sleipnir and others. When you download and install Hangouts add-on in the browser on your laptop or PC, you can send chat messages and SMS, arrange video and audio chats, handle group conversations and do lots of other amazing things.

In this section, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to download Google Hangouts extension on PC browser (let it be Chrome):

  • Run your Chrome instance as usually.
  • Go to the needed Chrome Extension Web Store page via browser.
  • Now look whether you are logged in to your Google account. If you are already signed in, your actual Google email will be displayed next to the gear icon at the top-right corner of the screen. If you are logged out from your Google account, the Sign in button will be displayed on the same location. If this case is yours, log in by clicking on the Sign in button.

  • Select your account from the list of Google accounts.

Note: if the account you want to sign in to is not suggested, click Use another account button below in the list.

  • Specify the password for your active Google account.

  • If you signed in successfully, at the top-right corner of the screen your active Google email will be displayed.

  • Click on Add to Chrome button in the right section of the screen to initiate the extension installation routine.

  • Once the button is pressed, you will see a confirmation box with the description of basic functions added into the latest plugin release. Click Add extension button.

  • The add-on is installed. Now the Hangouts launcher should run: you can select the person you would like to talk to and start a chat with them or just call them.

You can find detailed info regarding all the operations within the Hangouts extension for Chrome browser in “How to use Google Hangouts extension” FAQ section.

The Hangouts tool is tightly integrated into many Google services and allows keeping in touch with your friends and close ones without referring to third-party messengers. If you are going to use Hangouts on PC, download the Chrome extension for Windows, log in, and that is all what you are required to do to put on your communicative skills.

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