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Hangouts for Android is a mobile application for up-to-date cross-platform messenger from Google enterprise. Google Hangouts makes your communication experience absolutely stunning and natural due to tight integration of the app with your existing infrastructure, regardless of what operating system or device you currently have. The project is compliant with Windows (PC), macOS desktop environments as well as with iOS and Android mobile platforms. If you want to follow the latest trends in overall IT-industry, let us present you Hangouts app — stable, reliable and ultra-efficient communication platform. Download the client for Android mobile phone or tablet, and it will diligently serve you for years.

Top-notch options of Hangouts for Android

Android version of the Hangouts messenger is differentiable by a set of tricky options that revamp the tool into an irreplaceable choice for anyone who appreciates comfort, style and perfection in everything. Here is a brief review of the most notable advantages of the app:

  • Free way of text chatting, including embedded emojis, stickers and ASCII-smileys. In addition, you can enrich your texts with graphics, video-clips, animated GIFs, maps and other multimedia components.
  • Easy-to-go video and audio calls to any country or region. If you are calling a person who also has Hangouts installed, the call is not rated. Also, most of the calls to phone numbers located in the US and Canada (including landlines) are not monetized. In order to make calls from Android device, you need to download the Hangouts Dialer app.
  • A chance to arrange group conference calls and conversations with up to 150 participants.
  • An ultimate way to record voice messages and send SMS via Hangouts for Android directly from your Google Voice account.
  • Immediate syncing of all your active chats history between all desktop and mobile devices and platforms.
  • Sharing your status updates with your current mood, new idea or a favourable quote online.
  • A chance to send a message to a friend who is currently offline. Once when he logs in, your message will be read.
  • The users who don’t have access to their mobile phone at the moment can use the web-version of the messenger, which is available from any device (either portable, handheld or stationary) and location.

When you download Google Hangouts for Android, you are given a way to work with it just like with any other mobile application. Unlike Windows and macOS environments, where you are suggested to install Chrome plugin, Android build doesn’t require any excessive manipulations. Solid fan community and great software — these are the main aspects which the contemporary user can rely on while using the application.

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