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Hangouts Chat is a component of the complex G Suite software initiative from Google enterprise designed for team collaboration, managing projects and handling tasks for workgroups. Although the app is entitled similarly to the Google Hangouts program, Hangouts Chat is an absolutely individual new tool, which is designed for operations and communication within medium and large-sized companies.

You can download and install Google Hangouts Chat client for free. However, without former registration within G Suite, using the package won’t be possible. G Suite is a commercial product, and you can work with it only on the financial base. Nevertheless, if you are still considering whether it is reasonable to deploy the product in your company, you can try to get G Suite for free and use it during 14 days without any financial obligations or restrictions. The discrete builds for Windows, Android and iOS operating systems are available for download here.

A brief review of Hangouts Chat service and its possibilities

Here is what the application is designated for:

  • The service facilitates collaboration and simultaneous execution of tasks for workgroups. With its assistance, you can send private messages or communicate with all the team members simultaneously. Special virtual rooms for working over long-term projects and message chains let you track the progress and control the tasks execution without any spare efforts. Currently, the service is available in 28 languages. Up to 8000 people can stay in each particular chat-room simultaneously.
  • In-depth integration with G Suite. G Suite owners can use the communication platform without any auxiliary payments or micro-transactions. Upload objects to Google Drive and proceed with operations together with your colleagues in Documents, Sheets, Slides and Forms. You can also join meetings within Hangouts Meet, search participants of chat-rooms, completed conversations, and available files with Google search. Google Drive bot can inform you about the files which other people have shared as well as new comments and requests to access your documents. The developers also integrated the Hangouts Meet service, another component of the G Suite, into Calendar so that it is easier for you to schedule meetings.
  • Embedded data protection. The concept of the app follows the G Suite ecosystem, while its primary principle is security above all. That is a reliable corporate tool, which corresponds to the highest software standards. Due to the integrated Safe support, admins can archive, save, search and export the Hangouts Chat data. The service applies security features of corporate level, such as management of mobile devices, system of unified entrance, two-step authentication, administering, conformation to normative requirements, protection of Safe data with the rules of the info storage, and prohibition of data deletion. Moreover, the possibility to search and export data is also implemented.
  • You can join the discussions from any device and share ideas with the team wherever you are. You can communicate via chat service from PC, laptop, tablet through the browser or in the external app.
  • Compatibility of the classic Hangouts module with the new chat service so that you can use the messenger tool to use all the possibilities and interact with teammates and colleagues without any reinstallation or long-term adaptation of the infrastructure.

If you want to have a closer look at Hangouts Chat, download the app and register within the G Suite software platform. Although G Suite is a commercial initiative, you can use it absolutely for free the first 14 days.

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