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Hangouts for macOS is a desktop messaging service — a component of the overall communication platform from Google enterprise. Hangouts lets you communicate via interactive text chatting, audio/video calls, SMS delivery and recording of voice messages right from your stationary Mac, MacBook, PC or mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The tool is compatible with all modern platforms and environments. So, you can have a talk with a person who currently uses Windows, macOS, Android or iOS device. The rest of the fan base community can access the service from the web client without installing the app on their gadget.

Similarly to Windows, you can’t download Google Hangouts on your Mac desktop device. Instead, you are suggested to install a discrete plugin, or extension, on your Chrome and after that gain access to all app abilities right from the web-browser.

How to download and install Google Hangouts for macOS?

As we specified beforehand, the package is shared in the shape of Chrome extension, which you can download and install specifically from the official site. The same workflow concerns the Mac and MacBook devices. You set up the Hangouts tool just like any other Chrome add-on.

Let’s figure out what exactly you are ought to do in order to install the plugin onto your Chrome browser:

  • Run the Chrome browser by selecting it from the Dock panel.
  • Check whether you are signed in to your Google account. If you are signed in, in the top-right corner you will see the active e-mail, which you are logged in. If you are signed out, click the “Sign in” button in the upper-right corner of the screen, choose your Google email and a password to connect.
  • When the authorization is completed, click the “Add to Chrome” button to install the Hangouts extension to your browser.
  • Before you download and install the extension to browser, the request form appears, where you need to approve your decision by clicking the “Add extension” button. After the confirmation is executed, the installation starts.
  • In a few seconds, when the add-on is properly ready for usage, you will see the following form. Press “Get started” button to get to work with Google Hangouts.

If you still don’t know what to do with the plugin (i.e., how to chat, call or exchange files), refer to the “How to use Google Hangouts on macOS” FAQ section, where you can find detailed guides about all of the essential in-app operations on Mac devices.

As we assume, now it becomes clear how to download and set up Hangouts on your Mac without excessive manipulations and efforts. Indeed, this platform from Google is powerful enough to fulfill all your expectations and intentions related to conversations and communication, both abroad and local.

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