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GroupMe for iOS is a critically acclaimed app for iPhone, that best fits to those of the users, who follow practical approach and flexibility in software messaging area. GroupMe for iPhone or iPad affords an effective and fluent way to enlarge your communicative audience and find new friends and like-minded persons for exchanging ideas, discussing interesting topics and sharing opinions on particular subjects.

Vital GroupMe peculiarities and distinctions

The app is differentiated by a diverse spectrum of distinctive features and tweaks, that revamp GroupMe into a solid and any-occasion product for daily usage and application. Here is the common review of the most crucial of them:

  • Textual chatting with an ability to exchange images, videos, GIFs and Twitter posts in a flawless and intuitive manner. Enriched social aspect is provided by powerful, satiated and logical GUI, which can be discovered and learned in a bare couple of seconds
  • Full control, management and personalisation of notifications. While you are overburdened with constant updates about the messaging branches you are following, you may disable them with one tap. After you mute the entire conversation or the whole GroupMe app, you won’t receive updates about changes committed to the appropriate conversation chain. This feature is especially useful for those, who have not got used to tons of spam. gathered locally within the notification pane on your mobile device
  • Exclusive set of animated emoji. While you are willing to express an emotion, mimic or look of the face, choose an animated smile from the huge set of available GroupMe assortment and share it to your collocutor. Sometimes, such an expression can reproduce your feelings better and preciser, than the whole phrase or sentence, written instead
  • Broad socializing activities and opportunities. Within GroupMe, you can send and search for videos and GIFs, post memes to images and see content represented by others within the group from URLs shared
  • Embedded gallery, which aggregates all of your memories within a single place. If you want to share an image or tiny video, just refer to the gallery and find the corresponding file to share among the collection
  • The chance to send a direct message to the appropriate person within a group. In private mode, no one will see the content you post, except yourself and the person your post is designated for
  • The way to share your current GPS-location on the map, or reveal the geographical position you expect to be soon
  • Integration with GroupMe calendar and poll. Due to such highly productive interference, you may gather statistics about using this or that specific product, or analyze the market share, made by your local audience just via a single tap. This unique marketing options can save you pretty much time and efforts either for business or personal needs
  • Cross-platform compatibility of the software project among all contemporary mobile operating environments (Android and iOS), and Windows system as well.

GroupMe for iPad or iPhone is a magnificent app which unites like-minded persons, keen on some specific subject or matter. Science or travel, architecture or food - whatever you prefer, you will find the tight and close community in GroupMe, which is willing to discuss the appropriate topic online. Afterwards, if you download and install the applet on your gadget and get familiar with its logical and clear interface, your search for the most fit mobile messaging service will be over.

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GroupMe for iOS Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download from official web-site
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