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How to connect Skype and Microsoft accounts

Data: 18-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Using any of registered Microsoft products (Outlook, OneDrive, Xbox, Office 365) means that you have a Skype account under the same name and with the same password.

It has become this way since 2011, when this service was purchased by Microsoft. Now it is included into its line of products and services, all tied to one ID.

Some users do not like having Microsoft Skype account, as they do not want to deal with any of other products belonging to this provider. But the thing is that having this ID itself is non-committal. You may not use it anywhere, but if you do have it, it might as well make your work easier in some aspects.

You can create a new Skype account from scratch with a mobile phone or an email address. However, when you do it, you are redirected to a different resource — you can see the logo in the application window or in the web version in your browser when you sign up.

And what if you already have it in Outlook, MSN, OneDrive or Office, and you use these products? Then the new registration with a different email address or a phone number will get you the second Microsoft account, which is not connected with your other things and subscriptions.

If this is OK for you, and you want to have different logins for different products, then just leave it as it is. But you might not like the necessity of remembering several names and passwords, not to speak of possibility of mixing them. It could be a good idea to merge these identifiers. Or, more precisely, to add your Microsoft account to Skype and use one set of credentials to access everything.

Besides, it will spare you passing the full registration process where you are asked to enter different verification codes for phone numbers, or email addresses, to prove that you really own them. And don't forget about captcha symbols which you will be required to enter at the final steps of setting up to show that you are not a robot.

Signing in with existing Microsoft account

Launch the application installed on your desktop or mobile device. It will ask you to sign in.

Enter the username and the password, that's all. You have a Skype account now and can add contacts, chat with them and have voice and video calls.

Same goes for the web version. Click on the Sign In link at the upper-right corner of the official website to log in, and it will also transfer you to the main portal where you will enter the details.

Accessing other products with Skype account data

It works vice versa, too. The Microsoft Skype account login details will work for all the other products. Even if you always ran this instant messenger on a device which never had this resource and its products at all.

For example, you can link an Outlook mail to the instant messenger: just use the option of an existing user. Enter your login details and you get into this mailbox.

By the way, the instant messenger is available from Outlook, too. It might not be the same as fully functional applications, but you will still be able to connect to your contacts, chat and call directly from that program.

Specifically, it might be useful if you want to call to a number provided in one of the letters without launching a separate application or going to a different window and signing in there.

So, as you see, it is convenient to add Microsoft account to Skype, especially if you are a user already. You have it in any case, why not make it work to the fullest?