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How to download Skype

Data: 18-Feb-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype is a handy, easily configurable messenger with amicable, clear interface and flawless usability. Each of the app users will find something fit and worthy for themselves: free audio/video calls, chatting, intuitive UI, cross-platform compatibility. Before you install and set up the software on your device, you can face some issues regarding the download. In this FAQ guide, we will reveal the detailed instruction of where to get the setup file for different devices and gadgets and how to download Skype from the server before you start using the new version of messenger on daily basis. Hopefully, that will help you to avoid lots of headache if you install new software not quite often.

How to download Skype on macOS?

As most of the other software for macOS, Skype setup is shared as a DMG-package which contains all the configuration data and settings to set up the messenger properly on your Mac or MacBook. Here is the detailed instruction to follow in order to get the setup package on your macOS-based computer:

  • go to the official portal;
  • click on Download Skype button on the homepage;

  • Once the button is pressed, the downloading process starts. Depending on your browser settings, the request may appear to specify the exact path on the hard disk for the setup file to be stored on your computer. If such a request appears, make the proper selection, and the download routine will instantly start.

When the setup file is obtained, create an account. You may find step-by-step guide of the installation and primary setup iterations in “How to create Skype account” FAQ section.

How to download Skype on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

The way to download and install messenger on iPhone or iPad is absolutely the same, as it works with any other mobile app. First, you need to go to the App Store market, find the proper page there and initiate the downloading routine. Here is the detailed reference how to implement this simple concept in reality:

  • Find the App Store icon among the others on your iPhone/iPad and tap it to access the mobile market app.

  • When the application starts running, click on the Search icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  • In the Search field, type the name of the application you need to download (i.e., Skype).

  • When the proper app page is found, click on the relevant search result to load the Skype download page.

  • Tap the Get button to start the downloading phase.
  • Once it is done, instead of the Get button you will see the download icon with a cloud at the same location. Tap it to initiate the installation process. Now you should wait a few seconds until all the files are installed onto your device storage.

  • Once the installation is completed, you will see the Open button on that same position of the window. Click on it to start the account registration phase.

In addition, the Skype icon is added to the others on the homepage of your iOS gadget, so it is definitely more convenient to run it from there.

  • now, when all the preliminary stages are completed, the time comes to initiate the operation of account registration and primary setup. You may find the detailed instruction regarding this issue in “How to create Skype account” FAQ reference.

How to download Skype on PC (Windows 7/8/10)?

The instruction of downloading and installing the latest version of Skype on Windows is quite similar to the macOS guide. You can use different browsers on these types of environments, but in general you should perform the same steps to complete the procedure.

Here is the step-by-step guide regarding the installation and preliminary setting up of the messenger on desktop computer or laptop:

  • go to the official portal via browser;
  • click on Download Skype button to download the setup;

  • depending on your browser and its settings, the request box can appear where you should confirm your decision and specify the exact storage path on the hard disk of your PC. If it is displayed, choose a path and click the Save button below;

  • at last, the downloading is in process. If it still hasn’t started, click on the Try again text note on the next form displayed on the screen. The downloading will instantly be added to the queue afterwards.

Now, you may use all of the application abilities, including text chats, voice and video calls, for free without any restrictions. The only condition is registering a Skype user account.

How to download Skype for Linux?

In the following section, we will describe how to download and install Skype on Linux Ubuntu only.

The way to install software on Ubuntu is similar to other desktop platforms but has some minor peculiarities:

  • firstly, all the apps are installed within the package manager. You can find them on any Linux distributions;
  • secondly, the setup packages within Linux are distributed in the shape of DEB, RPM or SNAP files. Each of the file extensions fits the Linux branches, so you need to know what type of packages fits your particular Linux distribution.

Regarding the rest, everything is entirely clear and transparent.

Here is the detailed guide about how to get the installation file and run the initial setting up routine from Linux Ubuntu:

  • go to official Skype portal from any compatible browser;
  • on the homepage, click the Download Skype button;

  • when the button is clicked, select the appropriate build version you require to get. For instance, DEB-package will perfectly suit for Debian Linux branch, RPM will become a fit decision for Red Hat OS, while SNAP will serve as a worth solution for most Linux installations, including Ubuntu, Arch and Fedora. At this point, let’s choose the SNAP-package from the drop-down list. Click the down arrow on the button with OS version displayed and select the needed setup file to be downloaded.

  • When the proper build is selected, the Skype app page within the Snapcraft store is opened. Just click the Install button and let’s go further.

  • On the next form, approve your decision by clicking View in Desktop store button.

  • By default, Ubuntu uses Ubuntu Software package manager to install all the apps into the environment. Agree on that by clicking the Open link button below.

  • The manager with Skype suggested to be installed is displayed upon us. Let’s start the main phase by clicking the Install button in the package manager.

  • If you have specified a password for your user account, the request to type it appears beforehand. Enter the password, and the procedure will be continued. If you left this option blank during Linux user account registration, the confirmation box can be omitted.

  • The files are being copied. Wait for a while until the whole procedure is accomplished. After everything is done, you will see two buttons: Launch and Remove. That is the direct confirmation that the installation was successful.

Now the moment comes for registering a new account on Skype or logging in from the existing one. We won’t elaborate on the detailed steps how to do it. You may refer to “How to create Skype account” FAQ guide in order to get the detailed info on that.

How to download Skype on Android mobile phone/tablet?

There’s no surprise that mobile applications on Android system are installed and downloaded from the app market. This statement didn’t leave Skype messenger aside as well. This time, Google Play store is used.

Here is the detailed step-by-step instruction how to install the app steadily and without any extensive efforts:

  • Find the Play Store icon on the home screen of your phone or tablet and tap on it.

  • When the market app is run, enter the Skype word in the search field above to seek for the appropriate application page.

  • When the requested program page is found, click on the relevant text box to access the required reference.

  • Now we are ready to get and install the tool on the mobile device. Click on the Install button to initiate the installation routine. Before clicking the button, make sure you have stable Wi-Fi connection, otherwise you may be additionally charged for the mobile traffic.

  • Now wait a little until the whole phase is completed. When everything is done, you will see the form with 2 buttons on the same position: Uninstall and Open. This is the direct confirmation that the operation was successful.

  • You may run the app either by tapping on the Open button or via clicking a Skype icon directly from the one of the Home screen tabs.

From now on, you are ought to log in into Skype account or create a new one if you are a new user. The way to set up your account and connect to it afterwards is described in the “How to create Skype account” FAQ guide.

The methods of installing Skype on various platforms are different depending on mobile or desktop operating system involved. Regardless what platform you use, the methods are nearly the same. Just find the appropriate description, lean back on the armchair and enjoy the ride.