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How to use the Line QR-code scanner

Data: 01-Jun-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

QR codes make our life easier. Definitely, if you want to add new friend to the messenger in an instant and secure way, or are tired of copying the web-links from the ads and typing them in manually to the browser address line, QR scanner will considerably facilitate the approach you apply to share any data. Line messenger doesn’t stay aside of the modern technologies, and also contains a built-in QR-code scanner for basic types of operations: logging in, adding new contacts or sharing data. In this article, we will clarify how to use the Line QR-code module in daily practices.

How to log in to Line via QR scanner?

The principle works in the following way: if you have not registered an email with Line, you can use the QR scanner to sync the PC version of the messaging service with the mobile app and to log in in simple and flawless manner. Here’s a step-by-step algorithm of the feature‘s usage:

  • Install and run the PC version of Line.
  • Go to the “QR code login” tab.

  • Run the Line messenger on your Android smartphone or iPhone and go to More ‒ Add friends ‒ QR Code.

  • Scan the QR code displayed on your computer screen by phone scanner by placing the phone next to the computer screen so that the visible area of the phone scanner could cover the QR code displayed on the PC monitor.
  • After the code is retrieved and scanned, tap the Log in button on your smartphone. Now the authentication is completed, and you can use Line either on your computer or on the mobile device.

How to add new friends to the Line app by QR code?

It’s always pleasant to build your relationships as stronger and wider as possible, extending your areas of interest and finding new hobbies. At the same time, Line offers you a way to keep conversations online reliable and secure.

If you consider adding friends by nickname old-fashioned and trivial, you can always ask your friend to show their QR-code to you personally or send it via social network, so that you could add him to your friends list by scanning the picture.

Here’s the description of the procedure:

  • Firstly, your friend should deliver his QR-code to you so that you are able to scan it. To display the personal QR-code on the device screen, go to More, then tap your avatar on the left and select the “QR code” item from the menu appeared.

Note: if he didn’t use the feature beforehand, suggest him to generate a new QR from scratch. In order to do it, go to Settings from Friends or More tab, then Privacy item and afterwards “Generate new QR code” option.

  • After your decision is confirmed, tap the "View your QR-code” option.

  • Now, when the QR code is displayed, you can scan it with your phone by pointing the scanner onto the QR image displayed on your friend‘s smartphone. To implement the solution, run the reader by going to More ‒ Add friends ‒ QR Code from the main Line menu, in the same way as it is described in the previous section of the article.
  • As a conclusion, the request appears to add a contact with the corresponding name on the screen once after the QR code appears in the focus of your scanner. Confirm your decision, and we are done with that.

How to share QR code via email or social network?

If you can hardly meet you friend personally to exchange the contacts, ask your friend whether their can send the QR image via email or send it to you via Twitter or Facebook. Here is the way how to make things work and get the result:

  • Open the More tab and tap your avatar in the top-left corner to display the contact info.

  • This time, choose “QR code” from the list to display the image on the screen.

  • Tap the More button in the upper-right section of the form to reveal the options menu.

  • In order to send QR, select “Share” or “Send by email” option to transfer the QR code remotely. Choose the suitable method among the suggestions and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

The transfer of QR-codes is an absolutely protected, secured and flexible mechanism. Even if the QR code appears in the wrong hands, the friends cannot be added into Line without your approval and confirmation. Before adding the friend, you will see their name and second name. Thus, you are able to add only familiar contacts, which you know personally. On the other hand, if you are quite an open person and want to extend your social circle, spare a couple of minutes on “How to find friends in Line app” article. It will assist you to overcome the hidden barriers on your way to finding new friends online.