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How to log out of Line

Data: 01-Jun-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

After you register within Line and sign in via your mobile number, perhaps, a new question may rise — how to log out from Line on Android or iOS? Actually, there is no option to sign out from your active Line account at the moment. If you want to log out from the service, you are afforded an alternate solution: specify an email for backing up all of your user’s data within the Settings, delete the app from your mobile phone, install it once again, authenticate via the same number and restore the history of your conversations by selecting a proper Google account, which you specified during the syncing procedure.

If you don’t need your data anymore, instead you can delete all of the data within your messenger, and start using the app from scratch, as if you have just joined the messenger community. But the main problem is that you lose your entire chats and calls history, downloaded stickers, settings, etc. So make sure that is exactly what you want to do, and think over your final decision once again.

In this article, we will describe how to implement the following steps, i.e. how to log out from the messenger on Android and iPhone in your existing infrastructure in detail.

How to log out from Line on Android by reinstalling the app and syncing all of personal data?

Let’s consider the case when you are currently using the Line program on your Android gadget and want to cease your current chatting session with an opportunity to restore your recent chats and conversations in the future. This particular option grants you a chance to switch devices or phone numbers, and each time, as a conclusion, restore your profile info, groups, friends, etc.

The first thing which you are suggested to do is back up all of your active data within the messenger. In order to do that:

  • Go to the "Settings" window by tapping the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the app.

  • In "Settings" window, tap “Account”.

  • Make sure that “Email address” and “Password” fields are filled in correctly. If either of these fields is blank, specify your valid Google account within the “Email address” field and a password correspondingly.

  • Tap “Email address” and type in all the requested info: email and password with confirmation.

  • On the next step, you should receive an incoming email message with the verification code. Wait a little until the message is delivered and copy the verification code to the field.

  • If all of the provided data, including password confirmation and verification code, is correct, you will receive the notification.

  • Now let’s sync your private data so that and you can switch to a different device or phone number instantly. For the sake of thorough discovery, we will back up all the active Line conversations, remove the app from the actual device, install it once again, restore the chatting history and confirm that all personal data is available within our Line chatting session. To back up all chatting threads, go to the "Settings" form from the "Friends" or "More" tabs.

  • From the "Settings" window, go to "Chats".

  • Now refer to the “Back up and restore chat history” option.

  • Within the next form, tap “Back up to Google Drive”.

  • When the backing up procedure is completed, you will see the time and date of the latest backup on the actual mobile device. Make sure that this info conforms to the correct data by comparing it with expected indicators.

  • Now remove the app from your mobile phone in the ordinary way: "Settings" ‒ "Apps & notifications" ‒ "App info" ‒ "Line" ‒ "Uninstall", confirm the action by tapping "OK".

  • Install the app once again. Refer to the Google Play market, search for the messenger among the available tools online, download the package from the store, and install it on your mobile device.

  • Now proceed with the ordinary installation routine, as it is described in the “How to use Line app on Android” guide
  • The request appears to restore the chat history. On this iteration, specify the same Google account which you used for syncing user data in previous installation of the program. Tap “Google account” continue.

  • Grant an app the permission to access your contacts so that it could sync your friends list with Google account.

  • Choose the corresponding Google account from the list displayed.

  • When the email is defined, tap “Restore chat history” to restore all of your former data.

  • If you backed up the data correctly, you will see a note which informs you that the operation has been completed successfully.

  • On the further iteration, the rest of data is restored from Google Drive: user groups, friends list, stickers and other important info.

  • Check out the results of your efforts.

Alternate way to log out from Line on Android without reinstall

Another way to delete of all the app data without reinstalling the program from mobile phone is connected with clearing all the user data from the Android apps list. Here’s how it works:

  • Back up all the user data within the messenger in the same way as it is described in the previous guide.
  • Go to the "Settings" on your Android device by tapping the gear icon in the main menu.

  • Tap “Apps & notifications”.

  • Tap “App info” to reveal the whole list of apps currently installed onto your phone or tablet.

  • Scroll the list down and find “Line” among the operating tools.

  • When Line is accessed, look for “Storage & memory” in the Line menu.

  • Now the main part goes: tap the “Clear data” button to remove all the internal data available within the Line messenger.

  • Approve your decision by clicking "OK" in the confirmation box.

  • Now you’ve got the same result which you could achieve by totally uninstalling the app from the smartphone. Run Line once again, register the same or a new phone number, and follow the setup procedure further, as it is predefined in the “How to use Line app on Android” guide. After the mobile number is registered, restore the chat history, the friends list and all the corresponding program settings precisely, as we specified in the previous chapter. After everything is ready, you can continue chatting via Line, as if you didn’t complete the former steps.

How to logout from Line on iPhone or iPad?

Logging out from Line on iOS devices is absolutely the same as on Android gadgets. Firstly, you back up all the messaging data by specifying the email address and transferring it into the iCloud Drive, then you are suggested to delete the app from iPhone and installing it with a different phone number or on another iOS device once again and restoring the previously backed up user data from iCloud Drive storage.

Here’s a step-by-step instruction:

  • Run the previously installed Line messenger and go to the "Settings" menu by tapping the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the app.

  • Tap "Account" in the "Settings".

  • If the "Email address" and "Password" fields are left blank, fill them in by specifying the valid email account and a password for it with confirmation. While you are entering this data, you will also need to validate the email via validation code, which you will receive as an incoming email message. After both of these fields are filled in, let’s go further and start the syncing procedure.

  • Go to the "Chats" section within the "Settings" menu.

  • In the following submenu. tap “Chat history backup” to initiate the backing up procedure.

  • After you navigated to the specified menu section, tap “Back up now”.

  • If the operation went successfully, you will notice a confirmation message, which informs you that the backup copy has been created.

  • Now the moment comes to delete the Line messenger from the iPhone memory. Go to "Settings" ‒ "General" ‒ "iPhone Storage" ‒ "Line" ‒ "Delete App", or make a long tap on the Line icon. Tap the cross icon to delete Line.

  • Let’s install Line once again. This time, we can set it up on another iOS gadget or specify a different phone number during installation. Regardless of the choice you make, in conclusion you should get the same bundle of settings, groups, contacts and chats which you managed before deleting the app. In order to install Line, go to the App Store market, find Line and initiate the installation process.

  • Follow the install guidelines: specify a phone number, type in the validation code from the incoming SMS, grant the permissions to access your contact book and other objects if applicable. On the final iteration, the request appears to restore your chat history from the backup. Agree on that by tapping the “Restore chat history” button below.

Now you have logged in to Line again. From now on, you can continue your chatting session, as if you didn’t reinstall the tool at all.

The developers didn’t take care about the implementation of the logging out procedure, as Line is attached to your phone number. As a rule, you have only one or a couple of phone numbers at your disposal, so you don‘t need the option to log out from the service quite often. As a bonus option, you can change your phone number right within Line. In this case, all the operations that refer to the logging out and logging in procedures are applied automatically. Thus, none of the manual operations are required. Nevertheless, if you want to be confident in how to sign out of Line on iPhone, this instruction will be quite helpful for your service.