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How to transfer Line chat to a new device

Data: 31-May-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

It is not a rare situation when you want to log in to your messenger account from the alternate device and keep using it as if you are still working with the previous gadget. However, in Line the obstacles do not allow to do it. If you have backed up all user data within the messenger to a specified email account, and try to log into it from a new phone or tablet, the engine deletes all chats and conversations history, settings, address book and other data from the original device, and only after that you can proceed with authentication on a new one. Nevertheless, you still may change your active mobile device and transfer all user data including contact book and history of conversations to the new mobile gadget without any losses and with minimum efforts. In this article, we will elaborate on how to do this on Android and iOS devices.

How to transfer all of your Line conversations to a new Android phone?

The principle of switching between Android devices on Line messenger is pretty logical and plain:

  • Firstly, you attach an email to your Line application instance, sync the chat history with the specified email account and log out from the active Line account. As there is no clear and strict procedure to log out, you are suggested to uninstall the app or clear all app data within the settings of the original phone or tablet. The predefined manual guide “How to log out of Line app” will resolve all problems of the algorithm, regardless of your former skills or experience.
  • After you have logged out, you can start installing or setting up the Line messenger on new mobile number by specifying the same email account to recover the history of messages and dialogues from the backup copy. After that, you get the same bundle of Line dialogues, contacts and settings, as on your original Android phone or tablet.

The method has been thoroughly checked and tested, so we can assure you that as a result you get a fully operational messaging app which stores all your chats from the original Android device.

Let’s elaborate on the teps:

  • Run you Line app instance and make sure that you connected an email account with it. To do it, go to the Settings menu from "More" or "Friends" tabs by clicking on the gear icon in the right corner above on the visible screen area.

  • Tap the Account menu item and make sure that “Email address” and “Password” fields are filled in. If any of the fields are blank, specify the email which you are expect to use for syncing user data within the Line app. During the email validation, you will receive an incoming message or SMS with code number which you will need to specify to approve that this email is at your disposal.

  • When the email is attached, back up the chats history by going to the "Chats" menu item ‒ "Back up and restore chat history" ‒ "Back up to Google Drive" option.

When the backup is accomplished, you can compare the actual time with the time tag that corresponds to the latest backup performed in the top section of the form to make sure that all changes are applied.

  • Now you are supposed to log out from your active Line account. Hereby, remove the app data without a need to reinstall the program afterwards, or uninstall the Line service from your phone completely in order to log out. You can find detailed data about both of these iterations in the predefined manual guide.
  • After this is done, start the installation or the setting up phase of the Line utility on new mobile phone. If the app is not installed yet, refer to the Google Play market, find the Line tool via Search feature, download and set up the program onto the internal storage or the SD-card. Once this is ready, run the messaging service by clicking on the app icon or tap “Open” within Play Market after installing.

  • Proceed with validation of your new mobile number. When you specified the actual mobile number, received incoming SMS-message with the validation code and typed the code into the relevant text field displayed, the form appears with the request to transfer your Line data from the former account used before. Tap “Yes, transfer my account”.

  • In the window you are given a choice whether you want to log in with your email account or with your phone number. As we are going to use the new mobile number on the new Android smartphone, let’s choose the email option. Hereby, tap “Log in with email address”.

  • Next step is about specifying the email address, which you have registered on your original Android device, as described in the very beginning of this guide. Enter the same email and go further.

  • On the next step. provide the password to your account and tap the green arrow below.

  • At last, all the preparations are made, and you are ready to log in with your former account. The setup master automatically suggests to use the old user name and second name. Tap “Log in”.

  • On the further iteration, you can complete the last stage of the setting up routine – restore the history of conversations. Tap the Google account section title and select the email, which you used for backing up the conversation threads prior to installing the Line service on the new mobile device.

Note: if the Google account, which you have applied for syncing the Line data, is not available in the list, tap the “Add account” option and register a new account by proceeding with Google standard registration phase.

  • When Google account is picked, tap “Restore chat history” to recover the conversation threads from the backup stored on the Google Drive cloud service. Before you start the recovery operation, check out the time and date of latest changes applied and the size of the backup file above.

  • If the backup copy of your recent dialogues is restored successfully, you will see a confirmation message with the corresponding statement displayed.

  • As a conclusion, the rest of Line objects are restored from the backup copy soon. Wait until the restoration routine is over. Thus, our manual guide has reached its aim. Now you can check your actual chat history and Line settings transferred from the previous messenger instance.

How to transfer Line dialogues from Android smartphone to iPhone?

Officially, you can transfer Line accounts from Android to Android or from iPhone to iPhone only. In former service versions, you could back up the text dialogue with a particular person to the external file, and with the assistance of several third-party apps you could transfer the chat between various types of mobile operating systems. However, the actual Line build doesn’t provide such a software solution. But let’s take into consideration the case when you need to transfer a conversation within the Line service from Android to iPhone, disregarding of the complexity and difficulties you encounter during the procedure. There is a solution, and we describe it in detail below.

Preparation before transferring Line conversations

Here is a detailed guide:

  • Make sure that you have specified the email account and password within the Line app on your Android gadget. If you want to check out this info, go to the Settings menu from "Friends" or "More" tabs and then choose the "Account" item.

  • Back up all of your former text dialogues by navigating to "Settings" ‒ "Chats" ‒ "Back up and restore chat history" ‒ "Back up to Google Drive". When the backup is created, you will notice the time and date of the latest changes in the top section of the visual form.

  • Now we need to get the older build of the Line software suite for Android, as the feature we need is available only in 8.x and earlier branches of the messaging project. Before we continue, remove the actual Line app instance from your Android phone. In order to do it, go to "Settings" ‒ "Apps & notifications" ‒ "Line" ‒ "Uninstall".

  • After this is done, go to the following link and download the older version of Line on your computer hard disk or phone memory. Once you are ready, install the APK-file onto your Android smart. If you downloaded the APK to computer, connect your mobile gadget to the PC by attaching the cable to the available USB-port and copy the APK to the internal storage or the external SD-card.

Note: if you cannot install APK on your mobile gadget, go to "Settings" ‒ "Security" menu and mark the "Unknown sources" checkbox. If this option is not available on your phone or tablet, install the APK from any file manager. On the initial phase of setting up routine you will see a notification, which informs that for security reasons you cannot install apps from unfamiliar sources. Tap the "Settings" item to proceed.

On the next form, turn the “Allow from this source” slider to the "On" position and start the installation process once again from scratch.

This time, you should see a request form with a suggestion to install the file on your mobile gadget.

  • When the app is installed, run it and log in to your messaging account by specifying the email account and password to it.

  • Once you typed in all requested to data and try to log in, the warning appears with a statement that if you proceed logging in, all of you chats history will be lost forever. Don’t get upset, as this informative statement does not conform to the truth. Just go on and proceed, tap OK.

  • Continue the registration of the mobile number until completion. At last, Line is installed, and the messaging history is still not available.
  • Now let’s recover our chats. In order to do it, go to the "Settings" menu from "Friends" or "More" tabs (gear icon) ‒ "Chats" ‒ "Back up and restore chat history". As you may have noticed, the backup is still not available. The reason is that Google account is not defined.

  • Tap theGoogle account field and specify the email, under which you created a backup instance within Google Drive in the latest messenger version.

Note: if your Google account is not accessible in the list, tap the “Add account” item in the pop-up list and follow the wizard instructions.

  • Now you can check that the backup copy is still available within Google Drive cloud, and its info is correctly displayed above.

  • Restore your conversation threads by tapping "Restore".

From this point we’ve got all our chats back, but not on the iOS yet. Now starts the most important part – transferring your recent private dialogues to iPhone.

Transferring Line text conversations from Android to iOS procedure

This is only half of the way. So, let‘s move further.

  • Now we need to back up all of the former text dialogues manually for each individual contact. In order to do it, open a separate chat form for each particular person and go to "Chat Settings" ‒ "Back up chat history".

Note: during the setup, you will need to allow Line to access media on your mobile device. Give the permissions, otherwise the anticipated transferring won’t work.

  • Choose the “Back up all data” option from the pop-up list.

  • When asked whether there is a need to deliver the backup file via email, reject by choosing "Cancel". Remember that you need to repeat the same procedure with each particular conversation thread.

  • Now connect the mobile gadget to your computer via USB-cable, find the “LINE_Backup” folder in the internal storage or SD-card and copy it to your computer.

  • Install the Line app on your iPhone and authenticate to your account, where you want the messages be transferred to.

Note: Here is the way to install the tool on iPad or iPhone:

  1. Go to the App Store market on your iOS device. Use the search feature to find the messenger among the suggested software products and download the setup files from the page.

If you have difficulties with how to install the package on iPhone, refer to the “How to use Line app on Android” manual guide, as its first chapter strictly reconstructs the whole procedure of the Line installation on your iOS gadget.

  1. After you register new mobile number and grant the permissions to access your contact list, you will see the following warning with a proposal to transfer your account from the former Android smartphone. Agree on that by tapping “Yes, transfer my account”.

  2. On the next request you are asked whether you wish to log in with your previous number or email address. In our conditions, we choose the latter option: the email address.

  3. Further we are supposed to specify the email address, which we used for syncing the Line data on Android. Type in the same email account and tap the green arrow below to continue.

  4. You won’t be able to authenticate without a password, so that is another obligatory condition to conform.

  5. The next step is transferring the old username from the older Line account to your new iPhone instance. As we are transferring the old account data, username is also there. Tap “Log in”.

  6. Complete the registration process. Don’t restore the messaging thread now, as the backup is not available within iCloud anyway.
  • On the next phase, we will need the third-party software utility “Backuptrans Android iPhone Line Transfer Plus”, which you can download from the mentioned links (Windows and macOS versions are available for free). Install the package when the setup file is downloaded. Another precondition requirement is the availability of the iTunes application. Install it on your PC or Mac as well.
  • After both of the tools are installed, run iTunes on computer or Mac, plug-in your iPhone or iPad to the available USB-port, and log in to your active Line account, to which you want your messaging thread to be transferred. Before you continue, go to the Settings of your iPhone, then “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store” menu item ‒ "iCloud", and set the iCloud Backup option to off. Otherwise, you won’t be able to transfer your conversational thread. After the transfer is done, you can activate the feature backwards.

  • Confirm your decision by agreeing with the tweaking adjustment.

Note: when you connect iPhone with the active iTunes instance run on your computer, the request can appear to grant the privileges to iTunes to access the files of your mobile device. Tap “Trust” in the confirmation box.

  • Now run “Backuptrans Android iPhone Line Transfer Plus” utility on the computer. If you authenticated successfully, your iOS device should appear in the list.

  • Right-click your iPhone, select the “Import from Line backup file” option and specify the path for each individual conversation thread on your computer hard disk drive, which you are going to import into your iPhone. Repeat the procedure for all chat files.

  • After all of the chats are imported, you should look at the new database under the “Local Databases” section.

  • The final step is transferring the chats from the local app’s database to iPhone. To accomplish the procedure, make a right click on the database generated on the previous step and select the “Transfer Messages from Database to iPhone” option to finally transfer the chats to your iOS gadget.

Note: another precondition that should be done is turning off the “Find my iPhone” feature in the mobile device settings. Go to "Settings" ‒ “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store” ‒ "iCloud", set “Find my iPhone” slider to the "Off" status.

  • You should get the predefined info message within the program on your computer.

  • Disconnect your iPhone from the computer. After the mobile device is rebooted, open Line and check whether all of chats messages are transferred correctly.

Once again, both of the methods of how to transfer Line chat to new phone have been properly checked and tested in various environmental conditions. Indeed, “Backuptrans Android iPhone Line Transfer Plus” has considerable limitations on the quantity of messages to transfer. However, they are definitely sufficient to give a try and make sure of the safety and reliability of all the operations executed.