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How to use Line app on iOS

Data: 31-May-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Before communicating through Line, you need to register a new account and complete the authentication procedure. After this is done, you are free to use the tool according to your private or corporate needs: chat, make audio/video calls, exchange photos, videos or audio-recordings, read news, play mini-games and keep socializing within your environment online. In this manual, you will find specific help guide on how to use the Line app on iPhone and iPad and make proper setup in order to prepare the Line messenger service for daily needs on your iOS device. If you are an owner of an Android smartphone or tablet, pay a bit of your attention to the “How to use Line app on Android” FAQ reference.

How to install Line on iPhone/iPad?

The first thing which you should do before running Line within the iOS operating system is to download the utility from App Store. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to the App Store market and find the app page within the store.

  • In order to start searching, tap the Search button on the toolbar below and type the name of the tool in the text field at the top.

  • Go to the app page, download and install the utility from the official store.

Note: to begin the installation routine, tap the blue icon next to the app name. If you are installing the product for the first time, you are suggested to tap the “Get” button to download first.

After this is done, we can proceed with the most important part — registering a new Line account.

How to register a new Line account on an iOS device?

The registration on Apple mobile gadgets has some minor distinctions compared with the Android build of the Line utility. The difference is in the interface of the messenger. Nevertheless, regarding the features (registration and usability), the whole approach is quite identical. So, if you are accustomed to using Line on Android device, you will instantly get used to the iOS gadget version with minimum efforts.

  • Now the Line icon should appear in the list of installed software apps on your gadget. Run Line.

  • The initial screen welcomes us with an invitation to start the registration phase immediately. Let’s not postpone this and get to the main part. For now, simply tap "Start".

  • In the next form, we are asked to provide a valid phone number. The number you are offered to specify will be strictly connected with your messaging account and used for all operations within the Line service. Make sure that you typed it in correctly and tap the green button below to go further.

  • Soon the pop-up notification appears, which informs you about the necessity to verify your mobile number via SMS-message. After you tap the “Send” button, in a couple of seconds you will receive an incoming SMS-message with the verification code. Let’s move on and just tap the “Send” box.

  • After a while, when SMS is received, copy the 6-digit verification code from the message into the blank spaces appeared on the screen. If everything is done correctly and your number is successfully approved, we can proceed with the next step.

  • Now, we are offered a chance to make a preliminary setup of Line mobile app. 2 options are provided: “Auto-add friends” and “Allow others to add me”. The first option will automatically sync your address book with the info regarding the contacts, who already have Line. The second feature will make your profile visible online and would permit others to send you a request to add them as friends. If you disable the latter feature, only you will be able to send others requests for friendship, but won’t be able to receive them by yourself. Let’s leave both of these options enabled and continue the procedure.

  • During the installation phase, you may be asked for the permission to provide an app access to your contact book, gallery and other containers. There’s nothing bad in giving it, so just provide all requested rights, otherwise you won’t be able to use all of the Line‘s features.

  • Now is the final stage of the installation process. The last step is the recovery of chat history from the backup. This option becomes available only if you backed up Line data into iCloud storage prior to uninstalling the Line app from the mobile device. As we are using the solution for the first time, this option is not for us right now. Thus, we omit this stage by a sole tap on the “Skip restore” item.

  • After this is done, we are signed in to the Line messenger and are ready to use the service either on daily or occasional basis.

Note: you should be aware that the same Line account cannot be used on multiple mobile devices simultaneously. When you sign in to Line from an alternate Android or iOS device, the data from your former gadget will be erased. The only exception is the PC branch of the solution — indeed, you can run the PC-build of Line tool by scanning the QR code via embedded scanner and use it simultaneously with the mobile app version. You can find additional info about the PC version‘s installation and practice within the “How to use Line app on PC” FAQ section.

If you are a bit disoriented about the signing out process from the active Line account to log in from an alternate device, the “How to logout of Line app” article will reveal all the hidden features on the way to the comfortable switch between multiple mobile devices.

How to send a text, graphical message or an attachment of media within chat?

Text exchanging is easy as a piece of cake in all of the contemporary mobile and desktop messengers. Despite frequent updates, chatting within Line is especially flawless and smooth. You can enrich the texts with emojis, stickers or media to make the way you express your thoughts and ideas unbelievably bright, unique and immersive.

Sending text messages in Line on iOS

Here is how you can send chat messages within Line:

  • Open Line on your iOS gadget by tapping the icon on the home screen.

  • Go to the "Friends" tab and choose the person from the contact list.

  • In the user profile revealed, tap the "Chat" button to initiate a new text conversation.

  • When the chatting form is opened, tap the text field on the toolbar below and type a message, which you are going to send to the collocutor.

  • When you are done with typing, send a message by tapping the blue paper plane icon on the right.

  • Now you can see that your message has been delivered. When your respondent replies, you will see the notification on your iPhone notification bar.

Note: if you don’t want to begin a new conversation thread but want to continue the former one, you can simply go to the "Chats" tab and select the wanted chatting session among the previous ones. You can also back up your chatting history if you want to sign in from an alternative mobile device. A detailed FAQ manual regarding this option is available within the “How to transfer Line chat to new phone” article.

In order to send an emoji:

Sometimes it is reasonable to satiate your conversation with emoji, especially if you are talking in informal way. Here is how you can add an emoji to your ordinary text post:

  • Tap smile icon on the right of the chatting text field.

  • Now, when the bottom emoji toolbar appears on the screen, tap the smile icon on the left to display the list of smiles currently available.

  • You can choose among the assortment of default smiles. If you want to make your emoji unique and specific, download the additional emoji sets from the toolbar below. In order to do it, select the wanted package and tap the “Download” button to start the installation process.

  • When the package downloading is completed, you will be able to insert emoji from it into any of your chat messages.

Note: you can find even more emoji sets within the Sticker Shop. Most of them can be purchased by in-app coins, although about 20 essential sets are available absolutely for free. You can refer to the Sticker Shop directly via "+" icon on the emoji toolbar below.

Exchanging with animated stickers:

In addition to emoji, you can attach stickers, which would definitely fit special occasions or situations. Similarly to emojis, you can find either free or paid sticker sets in the Sticker Shop.

In order to download extended sticker sets:

  • Tap the Smile icon next to the text chatting field.

  • This time, Line doesn’t offer free sticker sets available to the user by default. You need to download the requested packages to be able to use them afterwards. Let’s have a look now what sticker sets are accessible for free. In order to reveal the list, tap the Gear icon on the toolbar below to review the references for eligible free sets.

  • As you can see, there is quite a solid variety of stickers for your choice. Pick the needed ones or tap the “Download all” button below to be able to use them correspondingly.

How to attach an image to your chatting session:

You can attach a camera snapshot or an external graphical file to your text chat. This feature is especially helpful if you want to share a photo from your recent vacation trip or want to capture your portrait via built-in phone camera. In order to add a graphical attachment:

  • Click on the Landscape icon on the toolbar at the bottom.

  • After you gain access to the phone gallery, pick a single picture or a combination of images you would like to be added. After the pictures are selected, they will be marked with corresponding digital indicators.

  • Finally, use the “Send” button to share the pictures to the correspondent.

As a bonus option, you can use the camera button next to the formerly described icon to capture the snapshot via your camera or make a selfie.

Note: during the capturing procedure, you will be asked to provide the access to your mobile app to microphone and gallery. Approve the permissions sha, as you won’t be able to proceed without the confirmation.

Attachment of media content to your chatting thread

Within Line you can send any type of media, setup-files, archives, audio-recordings, etc. This can be easily done by tapping the "+" icon on the chat toolbar below and selecting the type of content you wish to share. Indeed, you can also share contact info, GPS-locations, make interactive polls, schedule events and meetings, and even more.

How to make video and audio calls within Line on iOS?

You can arrange a video or audio call with minimum efforts. This feature is available on all up-to-date messengers, but in Line the procedure is absolutely transparent and easy-to-use. Here is how you can start a call:

  • Go to the "Friends" tab and select the contact you would like to communicate with.

  • Tap the “Free call” or “Video call” buttons to start a talk. After the button is pressed, the call starts, and you should wait until your respondent takes the call.

Note: in fact, you can smoothly revamp your audio conversation into a video talk and vice versa. By using the corresponding icon to enable or disable camera, you can change the type of dialogue you arrange when the connection with the interlocutor is already established. This particular option makes your experience flexible and robust, indeed.

We described only the basic features and abilities of Line. If you look closer, you will discover a massive range of advanced options that will save your time and money, and grant a way to quickly arrange a talk with your distant relatives, friends or colleagues. The iOS-based version of the messenger is perfectly integrated into the eco-environment and satisfies the requirements of the community.