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How to use Line on Android: have a look at these instructions

Data: 31-May-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Line is a seamless and convenient software messenger for communicating with your friends abroad or locally, making video and audio calls, arranging text chats, exchanging media, obtaining news from the official accounts subscription, etc. The ways to use Line on Android and iOS are quite similar. However, the GUI of the tool on both of these operating systems differs sustainably. In this tutorial we will clarify how to use all the Line app‘s features and get the best out of this amazing application on Android. If you are keen on iPhone or iPad gadgets, take a look at “How to use Line app on iOS” instruction, which is dedicated specifically to iOS mobile devices.

How to download and install Line on Android?

The app installation within Android doesn’t differ from the setting up process of any other mobile app. During the setting up, you need to register a new user account or transfer the data from other device, which you used formerly. Only a single mobile Line account can operate at that very moment. Thus, if you previously used Android phone for exchanging text messages or media, and now are going to switch to Android tablet or iPhone, the data from your older device will be erased at once after you log in from a new one. The only exception is PC or Mac version of the utility. If you work by desktop, you can use computer build of the service simultaneously with the mobile versionf of. You can discover the possibilities of the PC-based project from the “How to use Line app on PC” manual guide.

If you are concerned about transferring your chatting history between the gadgets, make sure you created the backup copy and are ready to restore it afterwards. The detailed manual about backing up the Line data and restoring it on a new device is available within the “How to transfer Line chat to new phone” FAQ user guide.

The first thing you should do before running Line is to get the setup package from the official Google store and sign up. Here’s a step-by step instruction about how to download the app from the Google Play Market:

  • Open Google Play Store on your Android device.

  • Tap the Search field above and type in the name of the tool you want to find: Line. Currently, there are two distinct projects related to the Line software initiative from the same developer: standard Line and Line Lite. You can check out the differences between these two separate branches in the “Line Lite” description page.

  • Go to the ordinary Line page within Play Market.

  • After you access the official messenger page within the store, tap the “Install” button to get the setup files and proceed with signing up procedure.

  • Now the download phase is started. Wait until all of the files become available for setting up. When it’s over, you will notice a mini-box with 2 visible buttons: Uninstall and Open. That means that Line was successfully installed. Tap the Open option to run the service.

Now you need to sign up. After that, you will be entirely ready to use the app for any communicational purposes.

How to register a new Line account with a mobile number

You can apply 2 methods to register a new Line account: by phone number or by email. After you register by phone number, all of your chats, groups and app settings will be strictly attached to your mobile number. In the other case, registration by email lets you transfer your chat history and other n-app data to another mobile device or phone number account. In fact, it doesn’t matter which of the options you choose. You can always specify the email in the settings, back up your private data and flawlessly switch to alternate account. Thus, we recommend choosing the mobile number option if you never used Line before, and the email variant if you are switching between Line accounts, using the messenger previously on alternate Android or iOS devices.

If you are a rookie in all of these messaging stuff and install the service for the first time, take a look at this guide:

  • The initial GUI form welcomes us with an invitation to start. Let’s follow this advice and simply tap the “Start” button to begin.

  • Next step suggests automatic filling in of your valid mobile phone number. If the app asks you to grant a permission to access the contact list and to make and manage phone calls or other relevant data, provide it. Otherwise, some of Line features can become unavailable. Tap Continue to proceed.

  • If you granted the mobile app the permission to access the phone calls on the previous step, your phone number is automatically filled in now. Check out whether all of data provided is correct and tap the green arrow below to continue.

  • Now you will receive an incoming SMS message with a verification code. The purpose of this procedure is to approve that the formerly specified mobile number is correct and valid. Just tap the OK button and wait until the SMS arrives.

  • When you receive the text message, it will contain the verification code which consists of 6 digits. Copy this code to the blank spaces in the center of the next form, and let’s move forward to the next iteration. On some Android devices this code is also filled in automatically.

  • The verification routine is accomplished. Now, we are asked whether it is reasonable to automatically add new friends, after the request is obtained, by sharing QR-code or predefined ID. You can find more info about adding Line contacts via QR codes and the QR technology in general within the “How to use Line QR code scanner” FAQ guide. Another option is related to the visibility of your personal profile within the network and an opportunity for others to add you as a new contact. Consider leaving all of the options as default and simply proceed by tapping the green arrow below once again.

  • Now the wizard suggests to restore the chat history from the backup copy. As we are installing Line for the first time, this iteration can be omitted. Tap "Skip for now” option.

  • After this step, the wizard obtains the info about the users from your contact list, who are already using Line and can be added to friends list. In addition, the graphical interface is loaded, and in a second the primary application form is displayed on the screen. Now we are ready to start adding new friends, talking and chatting right away: the messenger is fully installed.

How to register a new Line account via email?

If you want to connect your Line account with your email, you can do it either during the initial number registration or later, in the settings. After the email is specified, you can back up the chat history into the external file and transfer it to the alternate mobile devices afterwards.

If you haven’t used the messaging service before, you can’t log in via email. Such an opportunity appears only when you are transferring data from the old account on your older device.

If you want to log in via email, firstly you should attach a valid email and password for it to your Line account registered formerly. The instruction is exactly as it goes: 

  • Install the Line messenger using the mobile number authentication.
  • When the account is registered, type in the email and password by navigating to Settings – Account and filling in the “Email address” and “Password” fields.

After this stage is done, log in to the same Line account from the alternate mobile device and transfer the user data into the new messenger instance. Here is how this distinctive algorithm works:

  • Run the software messenger installation on new device. The first info notewhich you see is related to transferring account. Choose the “Yes, transfer my account” option among the suggestions.

  • On the next form, choose the preferable type of registration. As we are going to use email for authentication, pick the latter.

  • Then the request form appears, where we are asked for valid email registered within Line before. Type in the email account and tap the green arrow below to proceed.

  • In order to log in, you should also provide a password for your email account. Enter a valid password and go further.

  • Proceed with the account registration in the accustomed way, as it is described in the previous article section.

How to chat within Line using text, graphical messages, emoji and stickers?

Prior to making calls within the software package, make sure that you have added the contacts you would like to talk to. You can find additional info about basic methods and principles how to add new friends and collocutors in the “How to find friends in Line app” manual guide.

After the friend is added, you can instantly start talking with them in the following way:

  • Select the person from the friends list located in the “Friends” tab and tap their name once.

  • From the user profile displayed, tap the “Chat” menu item to initiate a conversation.

  • Now, when the chatting section is open, tap text field below and type a message.

  • After you finish typing and are ready to send a note, tap the small blue icon with a plane drawn on the right. After you tap it, the message will be instantly delivered to your correspondent.

If you want to continue the former talk, there is no need to open the user profile once again. Just navigate to the Chats tab, select the chat you wish to proceed and type the text you want to deliver in the bottom chat field.

How to send sticker on Line?

Emojis and graphical stickers make your speech online more vivid and interactive. Each of the contemporary messaging projects can boast of several dozens of emojis, which are migrated from PC-originated Hangouts and Skype to more familiar to mobile users Viber and WhatsApp.

How to add a sticker to your text:

  • Tap the smile icon next to the chatting field below.

Note: recent project builds include the “Sticker previews” feature that allows you to view a large graphical copy of the selected sticker before it is actually being sent. By default, this option is turned on. If you want to disable it, go to Settings – Stickers and remove the checkmark next to the “Sticker previews” option.

  • For now, let’s leave the settings as they are and simply tap OK.

  • From the very start, Line doesn’t include any preset sticker packages. Instead, you can download as many stickers as you want directly from the Sticker Market. The stickers are shared within the sets, so after you get the whole set, you get several various mimics, expressions and emotions at once. Choose the preferred sticker set and select the animated package from the line below and install it on your Line app by tapping the “Download” button.

Note: the variety of stickers available within the Line suite is enormous, indeed. You can find the whole assortment of templates by tapping the "+" button on the right from the bottom toolbar and selecting the package directly from the market. Some of them are available for free, while the rest can be purchased for in-app coins.

  • After the sticker set is downloaded, insert it into your message by tapping it twice. After you tap the sticker once, you will see its large preview, while the second tap instantly sends it to the correspondent.

How to send emoji within the Line utility?

The main difference between emoji and stickers is that you can embed an emoji right into the text and send them altogether as a unified message. If you want to send a sticker, your message would consist only of the graphical sticker image and nothing else.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to send an emoji in the Line messaging suite:

  • Open the Line utility and tap the smile icon next to the chat field in the bottom part of the screen.

  • Now, tap another smile icon in the bottom-left corner to display the list of active emoji sets available to download and use.

  • The list of the available emojis is shown. You can use either predefined templates or obtain new sets from the market for free or for in-app currency. The whole emoji assortment is accessible from the toolbar below, either to download (if you haven’t used the particular package before) or to embed right into the message right away.

  • Select the needed emoji from the list of suggestions displayed.

How to insert an image or video-clip into your chat message?

You can embed graphical images or media components as attachments to your chat messages. As a rule, the graphics include photos, screenshots or directions regarding how to use the app features within your mobile environment.

Here is how you may insert pictures into your post:

  • Tap the image icon in the toolbar below.

  • By default, the images from the gallery are loaded onto the screen. Pick the image which you want to insert and tap the circle next to it to prepare for posting. You can select multiple images at once and send them as a group of pictures.

  • When images are selected, tap the Send icon with a paper plane in the bottom-right corner of the screen. After this action is done, the picture attachments will be posted.

You can also send the camera snapshots. In order to do it:

  • Tap the Camera icon in the bottom toolbar.

  • After that, you are asked to provide Line with access to your camera and gallery. Approve all of the permissions requested and move on to the next iteration.
  • The camera starts shooting. In addition to static pictures, you can record short video movies and insert them right into your post. Tap the large circle icon to save the snapshot onto internal memory of your mobile device or on the SD-card.

How to unsend a message on Line?

If you sent a message to a wrong person, or made a grammatical mistake you want to fix, you can unsend a message, i.e. to bring it back as if you didn’t send it at all. Nevertheless, after using the feature, your collocutor will receive a note that you deleted your latest post.

Here is how the feature works:

  • Long-ap the message within the chatting form you want to unsend.

  • In a second, the list of auxiliary options is represented. Select the “Unsend” option from the list.

Note: As an alternate feature, you may use the “Delete” item. They both work in a similar manner.

  • After the item is selected from the pop-up list, you will receive a notification regarding your latest option used. The same memo appears on your subscriber’s phone.

How to make audio or video call within Line applet?

In Line messenger, you can not only exchange text messages, but also make audio and video calls. Such a way of communication is quite handy if you haven’t seen a person for a long time and would like to see and hear them talking.

Method 1 – from the Calls tab

You can arrange audio/video call from the Calls tab. Here’s the description:

  • Open the Calls tab from the toolbar below. On this particular tab, the list of contacts with whom you are able to communicate with is shown. If the contact is not visible, tap the “Search contacts” button on the top and find the person in the contacts list.

  • After the contact is found, tap its avatar once to initiate a call.

  • Now you are calling your friend, so wait a bit until they take the call.

  • By default, the camera of your mobile device is disabled. You can toggle between activating and deactivating video camera with the help of the separate icon on the calling screen. When your camera is turned on, your friend will see your face during the call. Thus, your audio call can be smoothly transformed to a video call when the connection with the correspondent has already been established.

Method 2: from the Chats tab

Alternate solution refers to the Chats tab:

  • Pick the contact from the chats list by tapping it once.

  • As a conclusion, you open the recent chat with him. Tap the phone icon in the toolbar above once to start the call.

  • Before the call starts, you can select among audio and video type of connection before it is initiated. Make your choice and proceed to the direct dialogue.

Line contains a lot of hidden features. In this article, we described only the important ones, as there are too much of them. However, with this manual, you will be able to register a new account or a mobile number for Line app and keep the connection with your friends tight and close. Everything you need is an Android phone or tablet and a bit of patience.