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Line Call Recorders: Best Apps for iPhone and Android

Data: 31-May-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Line Call Recorder is one of the most popular search queries on the web. Millions of people need recording their audio and video calls for lots of reasons. Although Line has lots of features, but the recording calls feature is missing in the popular program. By the way, neither your iPhone nor Android phone doesn‘t have this feature embedded. Therefore, you will need to download and install a third-party app to make it your Line free call recorder. Below we‘ve collected the number of the most popular apps suitable for different kinds of smartphones that allow recording calls in a handy way.

Best apps to record your Line calls on iPhone and Android

1. Google Voice (for iOS and Android)

Google Voice is considered to be one of the most popular tools for recording Line calls. The program is completely understandable and absolutely free to use. However, it allows recording only incoming calls. The app is linked to your Gmail and has an embedded feature of recording calls not only from smartphones but also with the help of the desktop app. Google Voice allows to control your voice calls and even decide which numbers are allowed to call you. For example, you can easily block spammers or other undesirable people with this great tool.

2. TrueCaller (for iOS and Android)

TrueCaller is another great app for recording Line calls. Although the app has a few paid premium features, it is available to download and install for free. The app can easily identify anyone calling you, record calls, and has a convenient blocking feature to get rid of annoying calls from telemarketers and spam. You can save all your call records, history, messages and contacts directly to your Google Drive.

3. Call Recorder for iPhone (iOS only)

The application can record both incoming and outgoing calls, making a universal solution for any type of calls. With this utility, you have an unlimited number of recording minutes and no per minute fees. Feel free to send your recordings via email, SMS or use cloud storage for these purposes.

4. Call Recording by NoNotes (iOS only)

This program is also developed only for Apple users. Call Recording by NoNotes has lots of features to offer. You have an ability to record up to 20 minutes of calls per month for free, save your calls in the cloud, share your records on social media or email. However, an unlimited monthly subscription will cost you $11,99.

5. Cube Call Recorder (Android only)

How to record Line app calls on Android? That‘s easy! Cube Call Recorder remains to be one of the easiest apps to control your communication online. The program allows setting up automatic call recordings, delete records in a certain period of time, displays notifications after each call, and supports both MPEG and 3Gpp formats.

6. Automatic Call Recorder (Android only)

Automatic Call Recorder is a popular solution for recording Line calls on your Android device. To start recording, you will need just to shake your smartphone! The app can record outgoing and incoming calls offering an option to choose from HD MP3 and WAV audio formats. The tool has also different filters for your convenience. You can share your files via Google Drive, Dropbox, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber & Skype.

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Call Recording by NoNotes

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Automatic Call Recorder