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Why Line app is not working

Data: 29-May-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Line is one of the most popular messengers worldwide. The app is known for its excellent interface and stable environment, where all the features are working properly. However, like any program, Line might rarely have some problems and crashes. Having a Line app connection error? Fail to call on Line? Find out what to do in our troubleshooting guide for different devices, including Android-based smartphones, iPad, and iPhone. All the solutions are easy-to-do and completely free with no need to use any third-party apps.

How to solve common issues with Line app?

There are several most common issues with the messenger. Let‘s discover how to solve each one.

  1. Your application crashes.
  • Update your operating system. In most case, your app is crashing due to incompatibility with the operating system of your device.
  • Reinstall your program. For these purposes, delete the program completely and then download and install it one more time.
  • Clear your device memory (cache). Free more space for Line — it might be crashing due to lack of free space on your gadget. You can also turn on Background App Refresh that will eliminate overloading your cache by the messenger. Go to Settings — Line — Background App Refresh.

  • Check whether the app is down. For these purposes, visit and make sure the service is working properly. In case it‘s not, wait until the developers will fix the issue.
  1. Line app video call not working, failure to send messages
  • Reload your device. Just switch off your smartphone or any other device where you have an error with your messenger. Then wait for 30 seconds and turn it on once again.
  • Check your Internet connection. Try to open other apps or visit your favorite website. In case everything seems all right, the problem is with the messenger. If you fail to connect to the current network, choose another option. For example, if you are using cellular data, try to connect via Wi-Fi network and vice versa.
  • Update your messenger. In case you haven‘t set up automatic updates, try to refresh the app manually.
  1. Unknown login error.

In case you get the following error, you will need to retrieve your password. Open your messenger and try to login via Facebook. Sign in to the messenger and change your password to gain control over your account.

  1. Can‘t hear the voice calls.
  • Check your device settings. Turn your speaker off and on again. Enable the messenger to have access to your microphone.
  • Make sure you have a strong Internet connection.

After all, most problems with Line can be easily managed. However, in case nothing helps to fix your messenger‘s crash, consider contacting the app‘s support team.