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How to use Line on PC

Data: 29-May-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Line is a top-notch messenger with dozens of amazing features that has everything needed for free communication. The application is completely understandable and easy-to-use. With our handy guide, you will learn how to create and log in to your account on Line, use its basic options and enjoy chatting and calling your friends and loved ones. If you are looking for user guides for smartphones, please refer to How to use Line app on iPhone/iPad and How to use Line app on Android. In this article, you will find tons of useful information on how to use Line app on PC or laptop.

How to get Line for PC/laptop

First of all, download the latest version of Line for PC available on our website and follow the steps of the installation wizard. The app is incredibly easy to install and doesn‘t require any additional skills or programming knowledge. The entire process is performed automatically.

When you finish the installation, the program will be launched. You will see the following window on your computer:

How to create a Line account on PC? That‘s easy! To register a new account, please click the Sign up button at the bottom of the window. In case you already have an account (for example, you are using the program on your smartphone), feel free to follow the instructions below.

To log in to your account, you can choose one of these two options:

  • Email login. Fill in the fields for your email address and password and then click on Log In button.

Note: you can also log in using your phone number. The option is available right under the Log In button.

  • QR code login.

Choose QR code button. Open the app on your smartphone, tap More — Add Friends — QR code. Scan the code on the screen of your laptop with your mobile phone. Tap Log in button on your mobile. After that, you will be automatically logged in to your account on your PC.

When you‘ve successfully logged in, you will see the program‘s menu that looks similar to the Line mobile.

The menu panel is colored with black, while the list of your friends will be opened automatically. Therefore, you can start communicating immediately.

How to use Line for PC/laptop?

To start sending messages, also called chatting, choose the following icon in the left panel of your app and click the Start chat button.

After that, you will need to choose a friend for communication and click the Add button.

By the way, you can choose more than one friend. This way, you will be communicating with several people in a single chat. This feature is called Group chat.

Type your message in the special field and press enter on your keyboard to send your text.

If you would like to use stickers and GIFs for brighter communication experience, click the the smiley icon. A new menu will appear to the left of the main panel. Choose Download all your stickers at once. Then confirm your choice by choosing Yes.

By the way, your chatting panel has even more features (take a look at the picture below):

  1. Tapping the first icon allows sending files, including photos, and videos
  2. The second icon is a Keeper to keep the most important files right at your hands
  3. The third icon is a screen capture tool. So, you can share the screen of your computer with your friends in case you need it.

To make a video or audio call, choose a friend from your list of contacts. You will see two icons located to the right of your chatting panel. The headphone icon is designed for making audio calls, while the camera icon is for video calls.

Click the needed option to initiate a call. To finish your call, click on the red button.

If you want to get access to more advanced settings for communication with your friend, just choose the following button:

Here you can easily set up notifications, block users and have countless advanced tools.

To create a Group chat with countless friends, choose Create a group. Then pick the needed contacts and click the Add button. You can also give your group a unique name at the top of the screen.

Now you will see the group‘s name in your contact list.

How to use Line for PC/laptop: more tools

The application allows joining various public groups according to your personal interests and preferences. To join a group, please click a „+“ icon.

You will be able to access your groups from the contact list. The number of groups you can join is not limited.

Another great feature for the advanced users is Timeline. Here you can share your photos, memories, thoughts and describe your mood. The Timeline button is located on the main menu:

Feel free to use files, photos, stickers, screen sharing, and other popular tools for your timeline.

Many users might be also wondering about editing their personal information and updating the profile photo. All your data becomes accessible by choosing your name.

After all, Line is surely a great app with dozens of features for communication. The program is really simple, so people with no experience of using the messengers can easily become active Line users.