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How to find friends in Line

Data: 29-May-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Line is one of the most feature-rich and powerful messengers worldwide. The application has millions of active users, so most of your friends are likely to have been already using the service. However, if you really like Line and would like to communicate with a wider number of contacts using the app, it might be a good idea to find out how to add friends in Line. This article is developed to show you incredible opportunities of the popular messenger regarding adding and searching new contacts for communication without borders.

Line: easy ways to find and add new friends

First of all, let‘s find out whether your list of contacts is in your app. Your contacts are available right at the bottom menu, it‘s called Friends.

Here you will find contacts from your phone book that are Line users. Feel free to chat individually or in groups with these people, call them, as well as use any other app‘s feature for your communication.

In case there is no one in your Friend‘s list, make sure you‘ve allowed the app to have access to the contact list of your device. To check whether the app is able to use your contact list, go to More — Add friends, and make sure the Auto-add friends option is turned on. By the way, you can also refresh your list of friends by tapping a circle icon with arrows located to the right of the menu. The settings can be also changed here.

If you would like to find and add new people to join the app, there are several methods you can use for these purposes. To get into the invitation menu, tap More — Add friends.

  1. Choose Invite.

In this case, you will be able to pick up an option on how you would like to invite new people to join Line. In case the candidates accept your invitation, they will start using the program and become your Line app contacts.

The Invite option has different sub-menus. There are Text message, Email, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

If you choose text message, you will need to specify the contact you would like to send an invitation via SMS. Note: this way, your operator might charge you for sending messages to your friend‘s phone number. After you‘ve chosen the needed contact, you will be redirected to the messages menu in your device. The message will be created automatically and will contain a QR code and the URL for downloading the messenger. Tap send (or a similar button, depending on the operating system of your device) to send the SMS to the required contact.

As for email, this process is even easier. Tap the Email option, enter the email address of the contact you need to invite and send it. No payments needed!

As for WhatsApp and Facebook, Line is able to automatically integrate with these applications.

After choosing WhatsApp, you will need to allow Line to open the messenger. Tap any contact from your list and the invitation will be sent automatically.

Invitation via Facebook requires having Facebook Messenger installed on your device. When you decide to invite friends via Facebook, you will need to allow Line to open social media. Then tap OK to get the invitation link copied. After that, your Facebook Messenger will be launched offering an opportunity to send a copied link to any of your friends.

  1. QR code. Using QR code for getting new friends on Line is really simple. Choose the QR code option and tap My QR code to open your unique code. Ask your friend to scan the code and make friends on messenger with no efforts!

  1. Shake it. This service is both innovative and incredibly convenient when you want to add a few friends simultaneously. Choose the option from your menu and allow the messenger to get access to your location.

After that, the app will search for the devices with the help of Line usernames that use the app nearby. Now you can add people that are found by the program and feel free to start the online communication immediately.

  1. Search bar. The search bar is designed for easy search of the new users via messenger. The app has two options — ID name and Phone number. By tapping ID, you will need to enter an ID name of the contact you would like to add.

In case you choose the Phone number option, get ready to enter the mobile number of the user you are planning to add.

The service is working on a global scale, so you can also search for users from abroad.

After all, Line offers countless possibilities for searching and inviting users. Don‘t miss your chance to communicate online for free!