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Line app group chats

Data: 29-May-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Line is one of the most widely used messengers in dozens of different countries. With a whopping number of users, the program has lots of amazing opportunities for chatting and making calls. Group chats is one of the most demanding features of the top-notch messenger. In case you are still not using the tool but would like to know more about the feature, this artiсle is right for you. Discover our handy guide with screenshots on how to benefit from using Line groups.

Line groups: tips and tricks

The most important thing you should know about the groups feature is its basic concept. Line allows free online communication with large groups of contacts in a single chat simultaneously! Moreover, the chat limit has an incredible number of maximum of 499 users! Now you can discuss anything with a large audience with no efforts. By the way, you have no limitations on the number of groups to join.

The feature is really simple. You don‘t need to have any extra knowledge to start using the option. Furthermore, even those users who have never used messengers before are able to puzzle out group chats. The program‘s interface is completely understandable, so you are not likely to face any issues with learning how to use the app. Now, let‘s begin!

  • To create a new group, choose Add friends — Create Group. The option is also available at the main panel of your app.

  • Tick contacts you would like to add to your group chat.

In case you‘ve added someone by mistake, just tap a cross at the icon of the contact.

  • Give a name to your group.

  • Make it look brighter by choosing a photo for your group. For these purposes, tap a Camera icon and pick up the picture you like. Feel free to choose from your own photos, as well as Line predesigned pictures.

  • That is all! Now everything is ready! To check and update Line group settings, tap the cogwheel icon at the upper-right corner of the program.

Lots of advanced options, including Notifications, Wallpaper, Chat history, and others are available right at this menu.

  • To write your first message, tap the Chat icon.

  • Now you have full access to your group form the main panel of your messenger.

  • If you want to delete Line messenger groups, you can do that anytime. Just go to Settings — Leave Group.

Using group chats in Line is really easy! Just try to use the feature and benefit from the advanced online communication methods!