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How to sign out of Hangouts

Data: 07-May-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Google Hangouts is an astonishing web-service for handling verbal communication and written correspondence within your company or for personal purposes in an interactive, vivid and amusing way. As a matter of fact, if you have several user accounts and want to switch between them to have access to different contact lists, you can sign out of the active Hangouts account and then log in to another service account afterwards instantly and efficiently. In this FAQ guide, we will provide a detailed manual on how to log out from the service on a computer, laptop, phone or tablet in flexible and intuitive manner. We will cover both the web-service and the extension for Chrome to offer the full variety of options.

How to sign out from the Hangouts web-service via browser?

Here’s how the things work in the web-service:

  • Go to web-page and keep on chatting as usually.
  • Click your profile avatar in the upper-right corner of the screen to reveal the list of accounts to connect to.

  • When the accounts list is displayed, click the “Sign out” option below to log out from the active user account. Now you can proceed with the authentication to another messenger profile.

How to sign out from Hangouts on desktop computer or laptop (Windows, macOS, Linux)?

The way the program works on Windows PC, Linux computer, Mac or MacBook is absolutely identical: you need to go to Gmail or Inbox page and log out from the service using the web-interface of your email account only. So, we will make a stop on this issue and explain in detail how to sign out from the messaging app on the desktop device.

  • go to, log in to your email account and proceed to the Inbox folder
  • click your username within the app section of the Gmail page

  • scroll the pop-up options list to the bottom and click “Sign out of Hangouts” below

  • now you are signed out, and you can see a notification regarding that.

Note: if you need to get the Chrome extension within your browser instance, read a step-by-step guide about installing the Google Hangouts add-on into Chrome in the “Hangouts for macOS” FAQ section.

In order to close the Chrome extension:

  • click on the extension icon in the toolbar above to display the Hangouts extension primary form

  • Click the menu button (the one with three horizontal lines), move the cursor to “Options” section, scroll down to the bottom of options list and click “Exit” (the last one below).

  • Now, when it’s done, you can notice that the plugin icon is highlighted with a pale color. That informs you that the extension became inactive. Thus, you have successfully closed the application instance.

How to log out from Hangouts on an Android device?

On Android gadgets the principle is a bit different:

  • click the “Menu” button with three horizontal lines in the same way you did in the computer version of the tool

  • when the menu appears screen, tap the “Settings” item from the list displayed below

  • now choose the active account which you want to be logged out from by tapping it

  • when the account is picked, scroll the settings list to the bottom and tap the “Sign out” option in the bottom part of the list.

Our mission is complete.

How to sign out from Hangouts on an iOS mobile device?

On iPad or iPhone you can sign out of the active messaging account in the following way:

  • Open the mobile app on your gadget.
  • Click the “Menu” button in the upper-left corner of the active window.

  • Tap the active account description in the header section of the active form.

  • In the primary form, tap the “Manage accounts” option.

  • When the list of active accounts is displayed, set the slider to the Off indicator to stop using your account and make it inactive. Hereby, you logged out from service and all other messenger contacts will see you as offline.

You can use the instruction below as a precondition for uninstalling Hangouts from your PC, phone or tablet. Have a look at the detailed guide regarding this topic at the “How to uninstall Hangouts” FAQ section.

After you sign out of Google Hangouts, you can log in to an alternate Google account and start chatting with other people. The manual with screenshots is in the “How to sign in to Hangouts with different account” article.