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Chrome Hangouts extension not working: How to fix

Data: 30-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Google Hangouts is a popular program that is available in mobile and desktop versions. Both utilities are working perfectly and are likely to suit most modern types of devices. However, some users might sometimes face an issue of Chrome Hangouts extension not working. Many people wonder how to fix the problem and look for the solution on the Internet. Although it is one of the common plugin’s issues, there are few solutions available online. Nevertheless, our experts are ready to help! Below you will find an easy step-by-step troubleshooting guide that can be easily followed even by beginner users.

Hangouts desktop app is not working: best tips to fix

  1. Make sure you’ve installed the plugin on your PC or laptop (of any OS). When it successfully installed on your Google browser, you will see a special green comma icon at the top-right corner of your browser.

In case it didn’t appear in your browser, check the Internet connection and wait for a while until the changes will come into life.

  1. In case you see a Hangouts icon in your browser but fail to open it, please do the following. Right-click the app’s icon and choose Delete from Chrome. This will completely remove the plugin. Then download it one more time and try to open it once again. In case everything is working properly now — congratulations! In case Hangouts is not working in Chrome, move to the more advanced steps.
  2. Clear cache. Clearing cache in your browser can be done in just a few clicks. Choose “Preferences” — “Privacy” — “Clear Browsing Data”. This way, your will refresh your browser and might fix you messenger.
  3. Update Chrome. Do you use the newest version? Make sure you do. Open “Preferences” — “About”. You will see that your are using the freshest version with no available updates.
  4. Delete other plugins that you don’t use. If you’ve installed too many plugins, they might slow down your opportunity to surf on the Internet. However, if you delete useless options, the other plugins might start working properly and have an increased productivity.
  5. Restart your machine. In case you’ve done too many changes or installed lots of new programs on your computer, it is highly recommended to restart it. Otherwise some of your favorite tools might fail to launch or cause bugs.

As a conclusion, any user can easily fix most problems with Hangouts. The app has a friendly interface, where all the issues can be corrected in no time.