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Hangouts not sending or receiving messages: How to fix

Data: 29-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Google Hangouts is a popular messenger that is known for its excellent and stable performance. As a rule, all the features and options are being operated easily and smoothly. However, like any other app, it might still come up with certain errors. In most cases, users can effortlessly solve all the issues by themselves and don’t require any particular assistance of the technical support. This rule is also working for one of the most common app’s problems when Hangouts is not receiving messages or fails to deliver them. In case you are among those who faced this error, our simple step-by-step guide is likely to help you.

Hangouts can not send or deliver messages

The most and the most evident thing that you should try in case an error occurred in your messenger is to retry sending your texts once again. Still not sending or not delivering messages? Follow this guide and fix the issue by yourself in no time!

  1. Check your Internet connection. In most cases, the reason for lots of failures in various apps, including your messenger, is weak Internet connection. This way, check whether you haven’t forgotten to turn it on your device.

If everything looks good there, try to open the web browser in your device and visit any website. In case your favorite web source is loading too slowly or fails to load, you will need to get a stronger connection. You can also use an alternative way to get Internet success. For example, if you are connected to Wi-Fi, switch to cellular data (for mobile devices). For computers and laptops, try to use wired connection using a cable or come closer to the router for having a stronger signal.

  1. Sign out from your Google Account. This simple trick is usually incredibly helpful for solving most tool’s problems, including the issue of Hangouts not sending messages. Just sign out from your Google Account and then sign in again.
  2. Reload your smartphone or restart your operating system (for desktop versions). Turn it off, wait a bit, and turn it on one more time.
  3. Clear the cache. Sounds difficult? No way! Just tap Settings – Hangouts – Clear Cache. That’s all you need!

Please note that in case you fail to send your message, the following situations might occur:

  • Your recipient will not see your text
  • Your text will not be shown on other devices (in case you use the messenger on several gadgets)
  • Your message will not be saved in your chatting history.

After all, fixing errors with sending or delivering texts is really easy in Hangouts. No worries about your personal data — it will always remain to be safe and not available to any third parties.