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How to use skype on Mac OS

Data: 05-Apr-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

The ways to use software on macOS platform a bit differ from the same-like approaches to other desktop platforms. The same fact strictly concerns Skype messenger. In comparison with PC or Linux, there are some peculiarities, which you should definitely follow in order to execute all relevant operations fluently and with solid degree of convenience. Here is a detailed guide on how does Skype work on Mac and how to perform the most of basic Skype operations on your Apple device.

If you are a rookie in all these messaging stuff, the first thing you should do before you chat or talk in Skype is registering a new user account. The detailed steps of this procedure with screenshots provided are described in “How to create Skype account” FAQ section. Take a brief look at this instruction before you get to real work within the service.

After the Skype user account is generated, log in to it by typing account name and password. Let’s assume that you have successfully signed in and are ready to manage the main workflow.

How to add a new contact to the contact list in Skype on macOS?

Before we chat or talk to someone, we need to add a person into the contact list. Here’s how we can do it:

  • Click on “People, groups & messages” text field. This particular box provides a way to search for required people on Skype directory in the fast and convenient way.

  • Once after you see “Search Skype” memo in the box above, switch to “People” tab.

  • You can search people by their account name, email or contact name and surname. Simply type the requested data in the field on the top and the search results will instantly be displayed below the text box.

  • Make a right click on the line with person found and choose “View profile” in the pop-up menu.

  • After the Skype profile card is opened, on the upper part of the card you can see the “Add contact” button. Click on it, and the chosen person will receive a request to share his account data with you. If he accepts the request, the contact will be added to your contact list.

Alternative way:

  • Go to Contacts tab and click on “+ Contact” button.

  • In the “Find people” field, type in the name and surname of the person you want to search for in Skype directory.

  • When the person is found, click on “Add button” on the right from the corresponding person’s data.

In the same way as before, the colocutor will be added to the contact list only after he accepts your request.

If you are looking for additional info that concern this topic, address to “How to add people on Skype” article — maybe you’ll find something interesting and essential there.

If you need to approve the request for yourself, most likely the “How to accept contact request on Skype” article will answer your questions.

How to initiate a text chat in Skype on macOS?

If you want to start a chat with the needed person in messaging service on Mac or MacBook:

  • Open the main app form and go to “Chats” tab.

  • Click on “+ Chat” button to initiate a conversation.

  • Select “New Chat” option from the pop-up list.

  • Now pick the person with whom you would like to communicate from the contacts list.

  • Now, when the contact is selected, type a message within the mini-form below. You can embed interactive emoticons, stickers or mojis right into the text to make it more descriptive, vivid and live. This may come in handy if you want to share a particular emotion, which is hard to express or explain. In this case, visual representation of your intentions or any ideas will serve you the best.

  • After the conversation is started, you can instantly access the person from the main app form. Just locate the window with recent chat and switch to it by a single tap on the corresponding line with a person.

Alternative way:

  • Go to “Contacts” tab and choose the corresponding person from the contact list.

  • If you are going to send a text message to the interlocutor, type it into the text box on the bottom.

For more details refer to “How to start a conversation on Skype” FAQ guide. Apparently, if there are some blank spaces left regarding that matter, this article will fill them up completely.

How to make a call in Skype on Mac, MacBook?

Making a call on the Mac of Skype is absolutely plain and simple. In fact, it is quite similar to a text chat. Here’s how you can start an audio (voice) or video talk:

  • Go to Calls tab available in the main app form and click on “+ Call” button from there.

  • Now select the needed person from the contact list to start a voice talk right away. By the way, you can pick several contacts to add them all to the conversation within a group.

  • The last stage of the preparation phase is a sole click on Call button in the upper section of the form.

  • After the button is pressed, you are provided a chance to select which type of call you want to have: audio or video. After the selection is made, the call is started immediately.

Note: if you want to change the call from audio to video or backwards, you can do it directly during the call.

  • Now you are calling the interlocutor. Wait a bit until he or she takes the call. If you need to turn off or enable the camera, click on the button below.

Alternative way:

  • Go to “Contacts” tab and select the needed one from the contacts list.
  • In order to start a voice or video call, click on the corresponding button at the top-right corner of the screen.

As you may have noticed, it is really simple to arrange a call in Skype. If the visual interface of messenger differs from the one represented on the screenshots, have a short look on “How to make a Skype call” tutorial (the Macs chapter).

How to make a group call or chat in Skype compatible with macOS system?

The arranging a group chat or a conference call processes are the same as one-on-one way, except that after you press “+ Chat” button, you select the “New Group Chat” option instead and select several contacts from the list.

If this issue is still unclear, take a look at “How to start a Skype group chat” tutorial.

The same is applicable to voice and video calls. The process is absolutely the same, with an only difference — you select several people from the contact list. After all of them are picked, simply press the “Call” button on the top.

If you feel that there is still some hidden potential inside this feature, see “How to make a group call in Skype” FAQ section.

How to fulfill Skype account balance to make calls to mobiles and landlines with minimum rates?

All Skype-to-Skype calls are free within the messenger. However, sometimes you need to call someone on mobile or landline number, either locally or abroad. Skype also provides such an opportunity with minimum rates. To know how to fulfill your account balance and what prices are optimal for your service, take a glance at “Skype Call Rates” article.

Above we summarized all the vital options, which you can apply within Skype messaging service. If you are still unconfident regarding how to use Skype on Mac, do not hesitate to read the supporting articles from our FAQ dedicated to each distinctive operation individually. The links are specified above.