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How to create a Skype account

Data: 27-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

In spite of all its drawbacks and sometimes weird decisions, Skype remains to be one of the leaders in the communication sphere. It has history, it has reputation, millions of people stick to it out of habit or because it is a convenient and powerful free tool matching their needs. And it will be only fair to tell that it tries its best to go easy on its users. Though there are alternatives which can be slimmer, better looking or have more options for every definite user, it is still one of the best free messengers. And we can thank it for making the world a closer place and letting people from different sides of the Earth talk to each other as if they are in one room. Thanks to the flexible nature of this application, you can have it on different devices and go on the same talk switching from the desktop to your smartphone.

Many users do not like the fact that this service is now one of the Microsoft products and it demands a Microsoft account. But is it really necessary? What if you don’t use any of its products at all? Well, this won’t stand on your way, all you need to create a Skype account is a mobile phone number or an email address. In fact, it is easy!

Are there any differences between how to get a Skype account on a computer or to set it up on a mobile device? They are so small, almost non-existent. Still, we’ll describe the process of setting it up in different environments step by step.

The first part is about how to set up a Skype account on a laptop or desktop.

Creating a new Skype account on computer via the application

The first thing that you need is to download the installation file. By the way, there are versions for different OSs, just choose the necessary one.

Install the Skype application on your personal desktop or laptop, open it and launch, and here we are: it asks us to log in or to create a new account.

  1. Choose the Create one! option.

  2. By default, it asks for the mobile phone number. We can accept this and add the number.

  3. Then set up a password. Make sure to compose a strong one. If your variant is considered to be weak, you’ll be told what to change, but why waste time if you can make it good right away? Just remember that it should contain at least 8 symbols, including letters and digits. Using letters in upper and lower cases will help you form a stronger password.

  4. Add your name.

  5. After that, verify the phone number. You will receive a text message with the code.

  6. It is not over yet — you’ll need to enter the captcha symbols to prove that you are a real human being.

Now that’s all. The rest is to manage your communication area: you can decide how it will look, connect it to your contacts and start chatting confidentially or in conference mode.

But is it possible to register a Skype ID without being tied to the phone number? Yes, the personal email address will suit perfectly well, though you’ll need to follow a little bit different path to activate the service.

Steps to start a Skype account with the email address

  1. Choose the Use your email instead option and specify the address. Note that it’d be better to use Gmail as your identifier if you want to go without Microsoft services like or Outlook. There can be issues with the verification emails delivery to other mail providers. If you don’t have a Gmail account, register it.

  2. Fill in the email address and do the same steps as above — create password and enter the name.

  3. And we have something new: verify the email address. Like with the mobile phone, it will send you a message with the confirmation code, however, it will come to your Gmail inbox.

  4. Setting up is almost done: enter the captcha to prove that you are not a robot — and you are welcome to join Skype and find your friends in it.

Now you see how to make Skype account on computer from within the application. After that, it will connect to the main data center and keep your ID, contacts and chats there. However, the vice versa way is also possible – you can first set it up online and then download the PC application to log in to your Skype account.

Skype for Web and its pluses

Several years ago (in 2015, to be precise) a new version was added, the one available via browser. It turns out to be a useful thing, because you might have to switch to a different computer temporarily, for example. Then you won’t need to install the application again, not to mention that you might not be allowed doing that.

With the online browser version, you can just go to the official website and sign in to get into your account with slightly different interface. However, you’ll get all your contacts and history there.

Setting up a new Skype account online at the official website

  1. At the official portal, click the small arrow next to Sign in and choose the Sign up option in the menu.

  2. Then follow the same steps as before. Use your mobile phone number or the Gmail address.

  3. Create password.

  4. Fill in your name.

  5. Verify the phone number or your email address.

  6. And enter the graphical symbols from the captcha.

Now feel free to use it.

If you prefer having instant messengers on smartphones or tablets, here is how to make Skype account on mobile devices.

Establishing an account on a smartphone

This product was created for free calls, regardless of the distance and geography. Its users could forget about mobile providers with their time restrictions and phone fees in roaming. All they need is the Internet connection and Skype to talk as long as they want to and see each other on the screens.

The mobile phone is a native environment for this application, it is even included into the predefined set for many Android-based devices. If you don't have it right now, it is available for free at Google Play. Get it, install on the device and proceed to register a Skype phone account in the same way as you did on your laptop.

Brief instructions on making a new Skype account on mobile device

  1. Choose whether you want to use your phone number or the email address as the ID.

  2. Come up with a good password and enter your name.

  3. Verify your ID — enter the code from the text message or email.

  4. And prove that you are a human and recognize the captcha symbols; type them in.

Need anything else? Most likely, you'll want to choose the colors of the application interface, search for your friends and colleagues. In any case, you can always log in from any device you use, and you will always find everything there.